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Ever since its formation on 1st October, 2002, East Central Railway has become the hallmark of progress. Administratively, it is divided into 5 Divisions - Dhanbad, Danapur, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (old name Mughal Sarai) Divisions of erstwhile Eastern Railway and Sonpur & Samastipur Divisions of erstwhile North Eastern Railway. In the 18th year, the new born child, crossing the period of adolescence is now entering the adulthood, creating records and achieving many firsts.

A vast Rail network comprising 8774 Track Kilometres (TKM) and 4214.92 Route Kilometres (RKM) of which 3520.99 Route Kilometres (RKM) is electrified; this Zone serves the major parts of Bihar & Jharkhand and minor parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Our major challenge is to ensure uninterrupted supply of coal to the power houses located far & wide and at the same time meet the transportation needs of our large population.

To keep the heritage alive and make the people aware of past glories, a heritage park “Dharohar Gram” in the precincts of head quarter has been opened featuring locomotives of the bygone era – One BG steam Engine is brought from the erstwhile Rohtas Industries Ltd. and another NG Steam Engine from Sugar Mill, Hathua.

 1.   Output in 2019-20

Year 2019-20 has been the year of achievements. Our growth rate in Gross Earnings on Originating Basis during the period 1st April, 2019 to 31st March, 2020 is 9.37%, the third highest in Indian Railway. The growth in earnings have been possible on account of our major achievements of this year enumerated below:

a)   This year we have completed Railway Electrification (RE) of 429 RKM. All routes of ECR are expected to be electrified by the end of the financial year 2020-21.

b)    Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Division became the first 100% electrified Division of Indian Railways. Three of our divisions namely-Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Division, Sonpur Division and Danapur Division are 100% electrified.

c)   ECR commissioned 252 KM of New Lines, Doubling & Gauge Conversion in this year.

d) We commissioned 62 new Route Relay Interlocking/Panel Interlocking/Electronic Interlocking (RRI/PI/EI) along with 13 major alterations in the year 2019-20. This is the highest ever for ECR and perhaps for all of Indian Railways.

e) The high point of the year was the commissioning of three long pending major yard remodelling projects of Danapur (506 routes), Patratu (416 routes) and Kiul-Lakhisarai (306 routes) replacing obsolete, overdue & aged mechanical lever frame systems with modern state-of-the-art RRIs. Apart from operational advantage by way of saving of 3-4 minutes per train, it has also enhanced safety of train operations.

f)  The survey of New Line Project connecting Raxaul (India) to Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal is complete. The 135.886 km long railway line will provide rail connectivity to important cities of Birgunj, Nijgadh, Shikharpur, Sisneri and Kathmandu.

g)  Rail connectivity across Kosi Bridge from Sarayagarh side (i.e. east approach) is nearing completion and Kosi Bridge is likely to be commissioned between Sarayagarh to Asanpur Kupaha by July, 2020. Rail link across River Kosi, disrupted since 1934 earthquake, will get established once again.

h)  The Jaynagar-Bardibas (69 KM) Rail Line Project entirely funded by “Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India” to further enhance the relation with our neighbouring country Nepal is partly complete up to Kurtha. ECR will come on the international rail map as soon as the train services on this section starts.

i)  Introduction of 15 rakes of MEMU/DEMU trains has considerably improved punctuality of passenger train services.

j)   Electric Loco Shed, Gomoh of Dhanbad Division has commissioned this year’s 97th WAG-9HC three phase IGBT based locomotive on 13.02.2020. This is the highest ever loco commissioned by any loco shed in a year in Indian Railways. With this, the holding of Electric Loco Shed, Gomoh has gone up to 300, making it the shed with highest Electric Loco Holding of Indian Railways.

k) Nineteen pairs of Mail/Express trains were converted into LHB in 2019-20. We standardised the rake composition of fourpairs of trains for optimum rake utilisation.

l)   Coach Indication Board (CIB) has been integrated with Control Office Application (COA) resulting into correct display of marshalling order of trains for information of passengers waiting on the platform. Danapur Division has installed LED TV based CIB at all the 10 platforms of Patna Jn. on pilot basis. These screens not only display coach position but also the time duration of schedule stoppage. Additionally, these screens can also be used for information & publicity of various initiatives of Ministry of Railways and Government of India like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat, Safety Awareness, Social messages etc. It has been installed through publicity route earning ₹ 50 crores as Non-Fare Revenue. Hitherto, we used to incur expenditure for installing CIBs.

m) ECR is 1st amongst all zonal railway to achieve 100% fitment of Bio-Toilets in all its coaches.

n)   ECR is the 1st railway to achieve 100% Head-on-Generation (HOG) conversion of all LHB coaches. So far, forty-two pairs of trains have been converted from End-on-Generation (EOG) to Head-on-Generation (HOG) resulting into savings of about 1500 KL of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) per month.

2.   Capital Expenditure

It is essential that we expand the rail network to meet the growing demands of freight traffic as well as passenger traffic. We have made significant progress in capacity building by constructing new lines, gauge conversion, doubling and electrification during the year 2019-20. The details of CAPEX of major Plan Head and their percent utilization are depicted below:

                                                          (Rs in crore)


Revised Grant (F.G.)


Actual Exp.

up to March, 2020

Percentage Utilization

PH 11 - New Line




PH 14 - Gauge Conversion




PH 16 - Traffic Facilities




PH 29- Road Safety (LC works)




PH 30- Road Safety (ROB/RUBs)




PH 31- Track Renewals




PH 41- Machinery & Plant




PH 42-Workshop including

Production Units




PH 51- Staff Welfare




PH 53- Passenger Amenities   








 3.  Sundry Earnings

Indian Railways possesses various resources that can be utilized with an aim to augment earnings.Railway land lying unutilized and not required for railways own developmental/operational needs in near future is one such resource. This surplus land is given to a party for a specified time period keeping the ownership of railway land intact in toto.

In this financial year 2019-20, ECR has achieved total earnings of ₹ 351.36 Crores which is 50.84% higher than B.E. and 91.82% of R.E. Major part of the sundry earnings comprises of earnings from land lease i.e. ₹ 171.83 Crores in the financial year 2019-20.

 4.     Freight Business

Freight Loading: Reaching New Heights

ECR is the proud member of prestigious club of 5 Railways loading more than 100 MT for the last Five years. In the financial year 2019-20, loading target for ECR was 145 MT and ECR achieved loading of 149.49 MT, which is 9.01% more than the loading of the previous year and 3.42% more than the target. Today, we are the 4th highest loading Railway.

Coal is the main commodity loaded from different sidings owned by BCCL, CCL, NCL and other sidings of Dhanbad Division. There are 63 coal sidings (BCCL-13, CCL-38, NCL-08 and others-04) and 122 goods shed for handling outward and inward rakes.

Goods earning in financial year 2019-20 is Rs. 16,777.34 Crores which is more than 10.17%    of the corresponding period of last year.

5.Passenger Business

Passenger Traffic

ECR serves the densely populated areas of Gangetic plain. Hence, passenger business is of great importance to us. We have carried 238.82 million passengers in the current financial year 2019-20. The originating passenger earnings up to this period is ₹ 2755.18 Crores.

Passenger Service -To meet the ever-increasing demand of our passengers, we have introduced new trains, extended the run of trains, run special trains, provided additional stoppages and augmented trains temporarily as well as permanently. The details are listed below-

·Introduction of trains: 09 pairs

(i)Train no. 55579/55580 Darbhanga-Mandan Mishra Halt Passenger.

(ii)Train no. 58663/58664 Hatia-Sanki Passenger.

(iii)Train no. 58665/58666 Hatia-Sanki Passenger.

(iv)Train no. 18635/18636 Ranchi- Dehri-on-Sone Express, 5 days in a week.

(v)Train no.  22465/22466 Anand Vihar Terminal-Madhupur Superfast Weekly Express.

(vi)Train no.  22459/22460 Anand Vihar Terminal-Madhupur Humsafar Weekly Express.

(vii)Train no. 55503/55504 Saharsa-Supaul Passenger.

(viii)Train no. 75265/75266 Barhara Kothi-Banmankhi DEMU Passenger.

(ix)Train no. 20975/20976 Howrah-Agra Cantt Tri-weekly Express.

·Extension of Trains: 08 pairs

      (i)         14618/14617 Amritsar-Saharsa Express up to Banmankhi.

      (ii)                53131/53132 Sealdah-Muzaffarpur Express up to Sitamarhi.

     (iii)               18635/18636 Ranchi-Dehri-on-Sone Express up to Sasaram. 

     (iv)                11651/11652 Singrauli-Jabalpur Express up to Madan Mahal.

      (v)                55501/55502 Saharsa-Garh Baruari Passenger up to Supaul.

     (vi)               55579/55580 Darbhanga-Mandan Mishra Halt Passenger up to Jhanjharpur. 

    (vii)             15077/15078 (old no. 14371/14372) Barwadih-Chopan Express up to Tanakpur.

     (viii)          15205/15206 Lucknow-Jabalpur Express up to Madan Mahal.

·Provision of stoppages           :        03 pairs

·Running of Special train       :        43 pairs +46 one-way (Total 2794 trips)

·Permanent Augmentation      :        Total 228 coaches

·Temporary Augmentation     :        Total 413 coaches

Ticketing Network:

A front-runner in the area of providing passenger amenities, ECR has a network of 122 PRS, 79 UTS cum PRS and 393 UTS centers. With an aim to make tickets available at nearby places, ECR has opened 173 STBA, 87 JTBS and 08 Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK) at appropriate locationsOut of the 258 Halts identified, sale of UTS Tickets has started at 139 Halts. In Phase-I,80 numbers of cards based Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) shall be installed at 24 A-1 & A category stations shortly.

Introduction of Mobile Ticketing

The facility of sale of unreserved tickets through UTS on Mobile App was started on 24.09.18. ECR was the first Railway to roll out this facility over entire Zone at one go. Extensive publicity and awareness campaign launched to make “UTS on Mobile” App popular among the passengers is now showing results as we find that percentage share of passengers buying unreserved tickets by use of this mobile App and earnings is gradually increasing.

Ticket Checking:

In the field of ticket checking this Railway has performed very well. The Penalty cases and earnings have increased by 6.86% and 11.23% respectively. In the event of last minutes (after preparation of charts) non turning up of passengers, Ticket checking staff can now re-allot such berths/seats to RAC/Waitlisted passengers up to destination of passengers who did not turn up or up to next remote location whichever comes later.

To augment passenger carrying capacity per train, 53 trains were augmented to full 24 Coach Capacity during the year. In addition, 19 pairs of trains (28 Rakes) were converted into Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Type. This has led to higher level of passenger satisfaction, increase in earning as well as maximization of utilization of path. Conversion into Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) will also facilitate in enhancing speed of these trains from 110 KMPH to 130 KMPH, wherever sectional speed permits. This will reduce the journey time too.

Non-Fare Revenue : The Non-Fare Revenue of ECR in the financial year 2019-20 stands at Rs.350.92 crore, an increase of 106.30% over the last year.

6.Progress of Passenger Amenity Works

Development of Adarsh Station:

Total 54 stations have already been developed to “Adarsh Station” and work is in progress at remaining 4 stations for their upgradation to “Adarsh stations”.

Indian Railway’s Largest Waiting Hall at Patna Jn.

Indian Railway’s largest AC waiting hall spread across 7500 square feet and equipped with several modern passenger-friendly amenities was opened at Patna Junction. It can accommodate as many as over 500 passengers at a time. Any passenger, irrespective of the class of train ticket, can avail the facilities of this waiting hall. Its entire power requirement is fulfilled by use of solar energy, making it an environment-friendly & Green Waiting Hall.

Escalators & Lifts:-

We have commissioned 24 Escalators and 18 Lifts at important stations of ECR for the convenience of general passengers, Divyangjan and elderly people. In the next fiscal, we plan to install 29 new Escalators and 40 new Lifts.        

Improving Illumination at Stations:-

Railway Board identified 55 stations to improve the illumination level at par with airport standards. We have completed the improvement work in 54 stations out of these 55 stations. The only station that remains is Bihariganj which will be illuminated after completion of Gauge Conversion works. Additionally, we have also illuminated 15 more stations at par with airport standards.           

7. Cleanliness and Catering: The focus area of Passenger Services

Providing a clean and pleasant atmosphere to passengers has always been the motto of East Central Railway. Concerted efforts have been made in this direction.

Steps taken to improve Cleanliness & Sanitation:

                        i)   Daily monitoring of complaints regarding cleanliness and bed rolls.

ii)   Creating awareness among passengers through posters/banners/PA system.

iii)   Frequent inspection by officers and supervisors.

iv)   SIGs inspection at three tiers involving supervisors at stations, JA grade/Branch Officers at Divisional level and SAG officers at HQ level.

v)    Persons found littering/committing nuisance in railway premises are being penalized. Total 8,524 passengers were penalized in between April, 2019 to March, 2020 and an amount of Rs. 20,18,000/- realised as penalty.

vi)    Mechanized cleaning equipment suitable for the surface of the stations have been deployed.

vii)  Innovative measures like CCTV surveillance at Patna station for monitoring cleanliness.   Effort is on to include other major stations also.

viii)   Adequate number of dustbins has been provided at stations.

ix)      24 Nos. of Plastic Bottle Crushing Machines (PBCM) are installed at major stations.

x)        All the primary trains are being provided with mechanized coach cleaning at the washing pit during maintenance.

xi)       Pest and rodent control treatment are being done in all ECR bound trains as per directives of Railway Board.

xii)     Garbage generated from running trains from pantry is collected at nominated stations and disposed off through existing contract at the station. Small stations are cleaned departmentally.

8.    Catering

    E-Catering - The e-catering facility can be availed either online or by making a phone call. This service has been christened as “Food Track”. This facility is provided in all trains that do not have pantry car. This facility is available at 16 major stations of ECR.

Catering services Monitoring Cell (CSMC)

In order to redress catering complaints, Ministry of Railway in January 2013, had set up a cell in Railway Board named as Catering Services Monitoring Cell (CSMC). CSMC has also been setup in Headquarter and Divisional offices. This complaint redressing cell has since redressed thousands of complaints on spot often with the help of zonal CSMC. If complaints, due to any reason, are not redressed on spot, they are escalated to Headquarter where they are taken up seriously and action is taken accordingly. Action taken is then forwarded to CSMC/Board and record is maintained at Headquarter and also Rail Madad Portal.

Food Plaza and Fast Food Units: Source of Good Quality

Easy availability of ‘quality full meals’ at affordable rate has been our focus area. Over ECR, 12 nos. of Food Plaza and 28 nos. of Fast Food unit and 01 nos. of Janahar and 19 nos. of Refreshment Rooms have been serving food to the passengers.

Base Kitchen

Base kitchen of IRCTC is functional at Rajendra Nagar Coaching Complex. Space has been allocated for setting up of Base kitchen at Barauni Jn. It is also proposed to establish Base kitchen at Gaya, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn., Darbhanga and Samastipur.

9.Route Relay Interlocking/Panel Interlocking/Electronic Interlocking (RRI/PI/EI)

·  We commissioned 62 new Route Relay Interlocking/Panel Interlocking/Electronic Interlocking (RRI/PI/EI) along with 13 major alterations in the year 2019-20. This is the highest ever for ECR and perhaps for all of Indian Railways.                  

·  The high point of the year was the commissioning of three long pending major yard remodelling projects of Danapur (506 routes), Patratu (416 routes) and Kiul-Lakhisarai (306 routes) replacing obsolete, overdue & aged mechanical lever frame systems with modern state-of-the-art RRIs. Apart from operational advantage by way of saving of 3-4 minutes per train, it has also enhanced safety of train operations.

·  Commissioning of Athmalgola has facilitated Manpur and Bakhtiyarpur bypass. Now, reversal of engine at Manpur and Bakhtiyarpur is no longer required, saving up to at least 4 hours for goods train going to Barh Thermal Power Plant.

·  3 EI/PI commissioned to restore full signal movement in Tilaiya-Rajgir section further facilitating goods trains to Barh Thermal Power Plant.

·        24 EI commissioned in connection with doubling.

·    7 EI commissioned which includes 5 new EI and 2 alterations in Tori and Mahuamilan respectively, to complete doubling of Tori-Shivpur section. This section is now loading average 15 rakes of coal per day and with this Dhanbad division of ECR has become the highest and number oneloading division in IR.

·   7 EI commissioned for new line projects.

·   5 EI commissioned to facilitate DFC work by removing infringements.

·   10 EI/PI stations commissioned for replacement of mechanical signalling.

·   Total expenditure of ₹ 168.41 Crore has been achieved till 31.03.2020.


Year 2019-20 has been the safest year of ECR in terms of Consequential Accidents. There has been NO passenger casualty. There has been no incidence of Collision or Manned Level Crossing accidents over ECR. In order to spread safety awareness, “Nukkad Nataks” were organized amongst the rail users /railway men. This Railway distributed Safety Posters / Flexi Posters and Safety Pamphlets/Hand Bills under its jurisdiction. A large number Safety SMSs were sent to the stake-holders and Cinema Slides were shown in the cinema halls. 2,719 ambush checks were conducted. 

   11.   Security

ECR serves the area rich in minerals, agriculture and industries. Some of the locations within the jurisdiction of this Railway are sensitive & crime prone including Left Wing Extremism and other miscreant activities. Thus, RPF/ECR faces most challenging task of Crime control apart from ensuring smooth train operations, assisting Commercial Department in ticket checking drives, curb touting activities etc. and co-ordinate with the Government Railway Police (GRP) to maintain Law and Order within Railway premises.

In pursuance to the additional responsibilities, escorting of important trains have been taken up by Railway Protection Force. With the amendment in RP (UP) Act in 2012, the scope for investigation has been widened and theft, misappropriation, abetment, conspiracy or connivance has been included in its ambit.

There has been remarkable decrease in crime reported over East Central Railway during the year 2019-20. Total 6,127 offenders have been arrested and prosecuted under different sections of the Railways Act. In order to prevent drugging of passengers inside trains, anti-drugging teams have been formed in the divisions of ECR besides formation of Task Teams to check the incidents of Theft of Passenger Belongings (TOPB). To create awareness among passengers, posters having pictorial messages are displayed in trains and stations, advertisements are published in major newspapers and staging of Nukkad Nataks are being carried out regularly.

In order to ensure security to the travelling lady passengers, committees have been formed at Zonal and Divisional level to monitor the implementation of action plan in this respect. Train escort parties are being regularly briefed in this respect. Decoy checks on the trains are being conducted. Security Helpline number 182 has been upgraded and now passengers receive complaint ticket number on their mobile as SMS. The complaint is duly forwarded to the RPF personnel concerned for taking swift action. Wide publicity of Helpline No. 182 has been done by putting up banners, posters at appropriate locations & print media.

12.Performance under the Railways Act

Total 6,127 persons have been arrested and prosecuted under the different sections of the Railways Act during the year 2019-20. Out of which, 1,324 persons have been arrested u/s 162 (Action against entry of male passengers in Ladies Compartment), 1,246 persons u/s 141 (Action against Alarm Chain Pulling ), 87 persons u/s 143 (Action against Touts), 1,687 persons u/s 144 (Action against unauthorized Hawkers/Vendors/Eunuchs/Beggars), 2,552personsu/s155 (Action against unauthorized entry in reserved compartment), 30 persons u/s 160 (Action against opening/breaking of Level Crossing Gate).


Performance under RP (UP) Act:     

Total 101 persons have been arrested under RP (UP) Act with recovery of stolen Railway Property valued Rs. 8,51,170/- during the year 2019-20.

Measures taken to control crime against Passengers

117 trains are being escorted by RPF/RPSF. 69 Lady RPF personnel were deployed over East Central Railway for protection of female passengers. 188 cases of contraband items were detected and property valued ₹ 1.12 Crore were recovered with the arrest of 30 criminals. Total 122 children (91 Boys & 31 Girls) were rescued with arrest of one trafficker in this regard. 20 numbers of criminals including Theft of Passenger Belongings criminals, luggage lifters, and pick-pockets were arrested by and handed over to GRP for legal action.                

Modernization of the Force:

CCTV Surveillance Systems are being installed at total seven Railway Stations under ISS and fifty-two Railway Stations under Nirbhaya Fund over ECR. CCTV Cameras have been installed at all the seven identified Railway Stations i.e. Patna, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Dhanbad, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn, Muzaffarpur, Samastipur & Raxaul under Integrated Security System. In the remaining 52 stations to be covered under Nirbhaya Fund, CCTV cameras have been installed at 37 Stations and as per Railway Board’s order installation of CCTV cameras at balance 15 Railway Stations is to be done by RailTel.

Security with special emphasis on Women & Child Safety:

RPF is one of the most important stakeholders for providing security to women & children travelling in Railways. Women & Children are rescued by RPF and handed to NGOs/Police/Parents. Following actions have been taken for safety of Women & Children:

·   CCTV cameras have been installed at important Railway Stations for fool proof security.

·   Sequencing of CCTV cameras has been done to cover complete premises of Railway Stations including coaches reserved for ladies.

·   Exterior of coaches marked for women passengers has been painted with a different colour.

·     Quota for women passengers has been increased from existing 6 to 12 berths in 76 trains in  ECR.

·    Out of proposed 14 Child Help Desks/Kiosks, 10 have been made functional and rest Help Desks are under process of setting up at remaining four Railway Stations over ECR.

·     Lady RPF personnel are deployed at RPF Assistance Booths for women security functioning at four stations viz. Patna, Gaya Muzaffarpur and Dhanbad. Assistance Booth shall be opened shortly at Samastipur.

·      Survey among female passengers about “how they feel safe during journey over ECR” is being implemented.

·    Women passengers are being sensitised to come forward fearlessly and unhesitatingly report incidents of misbehaviour with them to RPF personnel on duty. Campaigns are also being organised for sensitization of general public/passengers to help women in distress.

·     Railway Training Institutes have introduced module of Gender Sensitization and enhancing soft skills in their syllabus of training to sensitize frontline railway staff to be helpful and always be courteous in behaviour while dealing with women & children travelling in trains.

Our efforts towards safety & security of women passengers & Children have shown results and 122 Children (91 Boys & 31 Girls) and 8 women passengers have been rescued and handed over to their guardians/Police/NGOs during 2019-20.

13.  Railway Electrification  

This year we have completed Railway Electrification (RE) of 429 RKM. Further, all routes of ECR will be electrified by the end of the 2020-21.

S. No.


Length (in RKM)





Samastipur -Khagaria






Salaibanwa-Obra Dam-Karaila Road









Munger-Sahibpur Kamal-Umesh Nagar



Karaila Road-Singrauli-Mahadiya









          429 RKM

14.Capacity enhancement works

East Central Railway, as said earlier, is an earning zone of Indian Railways. Passenger as well as freight business are very important for this zone. In order to enhance the carrying capacity, major infrastructural and modernization works are undergoing in ECR. This has been a year of achievements in this respect. During the year 252 KM of New Line, Gauge Conversion & Doubling was commissioned. Details are as under :-



Name of Project

Section Commissioned


(in km)












Samastipur - Kishanpur



Hajipur- Ramdayalu Nagar

Bhagwanpur - Ghoswar




Bachhwara-Mohiuddin Nagar



Mohiuddin Nagar-Shahpur Patoree



Ramna – Singrauli

Dudhinagar - Jharokhas



Garhwa Road – Ramna

Ramna - Meralgram




Gomia - Dumri Bihar



Ranchi Road-Patratu

Bhurkunda - Patratu



Billi - Chopan

Billi - Chopan







Bakhtiyarpur flyover

Barh-Bakhtiyarpur link-Karnauti



Tori ROR




Tori-Biratoli ROR



156 KM




New Line

Rajgir -Tilaiya

Islampur - Natesar



Hajipur - Sagauli

Ghoswar - Vaishali



51 KM





Gauge Conversion

Sakri-Nirmali-Jhanjharpur-Laukaha Bazar & Saharsa          -Forbesganj

Mandan Mishra Halt -Jhanjharpur



Garh Baruari - Supaul



Supaul - Sarayagarh




15.   Bridges in ECR

River Ganga flows midway bi-furcating the territory of ECR into two equal parts.Many other major rivers namely- Sone, Gandak and Kosi flow in our territory, making Bridges a critical asset of ECR. Among 7,519 bridges, we have 5 Mega Bridges. The Digha Rail cum Road Bridge connecting Patna-Sonpur, popularly known as J.P. Setu, is 4.56 km long. It’s ECR’s longest and the second longest bridge of IR after the Bogibeel Bridge.

Sl No.

Bridge Type

No. of Bridge
















 16.Environment & Housekeeping Developments over ECR

 Newly created activity of Environment & Housekeeping (EnHM) has been taken as a challenge by ECR in the year 2019-20 and major milestones were achieved during the year. These achievements not only reflect synergetic working of various departments but also our commitment towards Passenger Services as well as Environmental protection.


Achieving 3rd Rank in Quality Council of India Survey over Indian Railway

 ECR has secured 3rd position amongst all Zonal Railway’s, taking a leap of 12 places in the ranking as compared to 15th in 2018 and 16thin 2017. Rajendra Nagar Terminal has been declared 1st on IR in the category of Green Stations, scoring (95.5%), far ahead of next station in the category.

*ECR accolade is a real achievement in terms of passenger footfall which is much higher as compared to other zonal railways figuring in the top 05 list.

Mission Water Recycling

1st time over IR, a pond rejuvenation project has been successfully executed by ECR and pond at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya station has been rejuvenated using the Aeration Technology similar to Naini lake project. Water Recycling Plant of 0.5 MLD is successfully operational at Danapur and similar projects of about 04 MLD is under advance stages which includes major depots like Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Patna, Rajgir, Dhanbad, Darbhanga, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Muzaffarpur & Barauni.

Mission Solid Waste Management

United Nation Environmental Program Mission of 2018-19- ‘Beat the Plastic Pollution’ has been taken as challenge by ECR. 48 Reverse Vending Machines/Bottle Crushers were provided at 39 major stations with its own resources. These projects not only recycle plastic waste in to useful products but are also encouraging users not to litter plastic waste in the railway premises by incentivizing them by suitable rewards

Mission Green Energy

ECR is the 1st railway over IR to achieve 100% HOG conversion of all LHB coaches. So far, 33 pairs of trains (60 rakes) have been converted from EOG to HOG which has led to saving of about 1500 KL of HSD per month. Total capacity of about 06 MW of Solar Plants has been commissioned by ECR not only to save energy but also to earn revenue. Energy Efficient fittings has been fitted at 526 Stations leading saving of 88.34 Lac unit annually (Rs. 6.62 Cr.), 32116 staff quarter-annual saving 52.12 Lac unit (Rs. 3.91 Cr), 2972 Service building 43.49 Lac unit (Rs.2.77 Cr.).

17.Raising of Sectional Speed

With a view to increase throughput, speed and improve punctuality of trains sectional speed has been raised in 12 important and critical sections. This has resulted into considerable saving of time and improvement in punctuality. We also increased the speed on loop lines from 15 Kmph to 30 Kmph at 13 stations of Sonnagar-Garhwa Road section of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Division.



 Speed raised (in Kmph)



Hajipur-Ghoswar-H DL




Kurhani-Ramdayalu Nagar DL




Chaura Dano-Raxaul SL



Goraul-Bhagwanpur DL




Ramdayalu Nagar-Kurhani DL




Dauram Madhepura-Purnia SL



Bhagwanpur-Sarai DL




Samastipur-Kishanpur DL




Mansi-Saharsa SL



Koderma-Hazaribagh SL



Mohiuddin Nagar-Bachhwara DL




Bachhwara-Vidyapati Dham DL




Sakri-Jaynagar SL



Mohiuddin Nagar-Bachhwara DL




Bachhwara-Vidyapati Dham DL




Raxaul-Narkatiaganj SL



Bairgania-Chaura Dano SL



                                               DL=Double Line, SL=Single Line

In addition to above we have also increased the speed on loop line from 15 Kmph to 30 Kmph at 18 stations on Hajipur- Bachhwara-Barauni-Katihar, Barauni-Rajendra Pul and Paramanandpur-Patliputra of Sonpur division.

·    Provision of HOG on ECR Based Trains

     A total of 33 pair of trains (60 rakes) originating from ECR are running on Head-on-         Generation (HOG).

·    Replacement of Loco hauled conventional trains by MEMU

To improve the punctuality of Loco hauled conventional passenger trains, in the current year, 03 pairs ECR rakes of Loco hauled conventional passenger trains have been converted into MEMU rakes and 15 Pairs ECR rakes of Diesel Hauled DEMU Passenger trains converted in to MEMU Rakes.

·    Conversion and Extension of Diesel Traction in to Electric Traction

To minimize the Diesel underwire and increase the punctuality of passenger trains, 01 No of New Train & 48 pairs of Mail/Express trains have been converted to Electric Traction. Further, 35 pairs of Mail/Express trains were also extended on Electric Traction in ECR territory resulting in reduction in HSD fuel consumption and saving time due to change of traction en-route.

·   Holding of Electric Locomotives

The total holding of Electric Locomotives on ECR as on 31.03.2020 is 619.

GPS based Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) has been installed in 199 Electric Locomotives of ECR during the year 2019-20.

·   Review of DG Sets at Stations- reduction in HSD consumption

To reduce consumption of HSD oil to the bare minimum, following steps were taken:

1.  Extensive audit of all DG sets installed at 52 stations were carried out. Only bare minimum quantity to maintain the essential services were kept.

2.  All DG Sets whose codal life was over and the HSD consumption was on the higher side were condemned. A total of 69 DG sets have already been condemned and another 4 nos. are in process of condemnation.

3.  Proper maintenance and AMC of running DG Sets was ensured.

Above steps have caused reduction in HSD consumption from 1012.69 kL to 911.42 kL in the financial year 2019-20. As such, an overall reduction of 101.27 kL (10%) has been achieved.

·  Action taken to minimize HSD oil consumption for traction purposes

1.  Till January 2020 the total saving of HSD oil is approx. 35,266 KL i.e. Rs. 243.00 Cr (approx.) by (a) Conversion of Traction from Diesel to Electric and (b) Fuel Rationing.

2.  Sonpur division is the 1st Division of ECR which has successfully installed Bio Gas plant in Rail premises at Barauni. The waste food product and other biodegradable wastages are used for production of Bio Gas which is supplied for cooking purpose in running room.

3.  With the homing of 34 Electric Locomotives, we started maintenance of Electric locomotives in DDU Diesel Loco Shed.

   20.     Factories and Workshops

·    Green Field Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura

M/s Greenfield Electric Locomotive Pvt. Ltd.  Madhepura has been set up under PPP (Public-Private Partnership) agreement at the estimate cost of 1293 Crores. It is a joint venture between Ministry of Railway with equity share of 26% and a leading international Electric Locomotive Manufacture i.e. M/s Alstom India Pvt. Ltd. who will bring into State-of-the-art technology. The Electric Locomotive availability and Energy Efficiency standards will also be comparable to the world’s standards. M/s GELF, Madhepura will turn out 800 numbers of 12000 HP, 8 Axle, Bo-Bo type Electric Locomotive, based on IGBT technology, in a span of 11 years to cater the need for hauling heavy Goods traffic preferably on dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).

As per the agreement, 275 Acre land required for setting up the factory has been handed over to the company. Further, the 33 kV power supply, Road connectivity with NH-107, Rail connectivity & electrified traction lines have also been provided by Railways. A 15 km 132 kV transmission line from Singheswar Grid Substation and 132/33/25 kV substation at Madhepura has been constructed by Railway for power supply to the factory as well as traction supply to the newly electrified Mansi - Madhepura section.

The factory was dedicated to nation and the prototype locomotive was flagged off by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 10th April 2018. The construction of factory and township has been completed. The factory had further handed over two locomotives with revised design of bogies and shell to RDSO. RDSO have completed all the tests on these locomotives and regular supply of locomotives is likely to commence in March, 2020.

 As per the agreement M/s MELPL have to construct two maintenance depots at Saharanpur and Nagpur. The depot at Saharanpur has also been completed along with training facilities for Loco pilots.

·   General Electric Diesel Locomotive Pvt. Ltd., MARHAURA

Marhaura Diesel Locomotive Factory has been set up under PPP (Public-Private Partnership) agreement at the estimated cost of ₹ 2052 Crores. It is a joint venture between Ministry of Railways with equity share of 26% and a leading International Diesel Locomotive Manufacture i.e. M/s General Electric, USA who will bring into State-of-the-art technology. The Diesel Locomotive energy efficiency and pollution standards will be comparable to the world standards. M/s GEDLPL, Marhaura will turn out 700 numbers of 4500 HP and 300 numbers of 6000 HP, 6 Axle, Co-Co type Diesel Locomotive, based on IGBT technology, in a span of 11 years, to cater to the need for hauling heavy Goods traffic on important rail links.

As per the agreement, 200-acre land required for the factory has been handed over to the company. Further, the power supply arrangement of 33 KV, road connectivity and rail connectivity with Pateri station of North Eastern Railway have also been provided by Railways. A 25 km 132 KV transmission line from Masrak grid substation and 132/33 KV substation at Marhaura has been constructed by Railways for power supply to the factory.

The construction of factory was started on 6th Jun 2016. The two prototypes of 4500 HP fully assembled and imported locomotives were handed over to Indian Railways on 22nd February 2018. After conducting the performance and oscillation tests the locomotives have been cleared for traffic use. The construction of factory at Marhaura has been completed and manufacture of locomotives has also started in the factory since December, 2018. Since then,183 locomotives have also been supplied by M/s GEDLPL to Indian Railways which are being used on nominated traffic routes of Western, North Western, West Central, Northern, North Central, East Central and North Eastern Railways.Further, the prototype of two 6000 HP fully assembled locomotive has also been imported. These locomotives have been cleared by RDSO after performance and oscillation tests and till now more than 7 locomotives have been supplied to Indian Railways. As per the agreement M/s GEDLPL have to construct two maintenance depots at Roza and Ahmedabad. The depot at Roza has been completed along with training facilities for locomotives.

·   Samastipur Workshop

  Samastipur Workshop was established in the year 1881 for overhauling of Steam locomotives, Periodic Over Hauling (POH) of coaches and wagon. It was re-modelled in the year 1962 for manufacturing of special design MG wagons for transportation of heavy defence equipment in particular and other variants of MG wagons of various designs in general.

In 1993, manufacturing of BOXN wagons started @1 wagon per month in addition to already existing activity of Periodic Over Hauling (POH) of Meter Gauge wagons. Periodic Over Hauling (POH) activity of Meter Gauge wagons was discontinued in June 1996. Since then, this workshop is primarily engaged in production of BOXN wagons @ 25 wagons per month. The manufacturing of BOXN-HS wagons started in June 2002. As per policy of Railway Board the workshop has received order to manufacture latest design BOXNHL wagons @ 150 wagons per year under RSP 2007-08. The RSP (Rolling Stock Programme) orders up to 2013-14 have been completed and production of RSP (Rolling Stock Programme) 2016-17 has been started in October, 2017. The manufacturing of 300 BOXNHL wagons against RSP allotment of year 2016-17 is going on and up to March, 2020 total 192 wagons have been manufactured. The manufacturing of BOXNHL wagons against allotment year 2017-18 (150 wagons) and 2018-19 (180 wagons) are likely to be completed by 2020-21.  

·    Carriage Repair Workshop, Harnaut

Workshop for overhauling of 50 coaches per month has been set up at Harnaut on Bakhtiyarpur – Rajgir section of Danapur division of ECR. The work was sanctioned under works programme 2003-04 and its latest sanctioned cost is ₹324 crore. The workshop is spread over 75 acres of land and there is scope for future expansion also. Carriage Repair Workshop, Harnaut was taken over by ECR on 15.06.2012. It has so far carried out Periodic Over Hauling (POH) of 2773 Non-AC Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches, 02 AC Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) & 03 AC Integral Coach Factory (ICF) coaches. Railway Board target for POH is 50 coaches/month.

·    DEMU maintenance depot at Sonpur

One new depot for repair and maintenance of DEMU rakes has been set up at Sonpur. The depot has a holding capacity of 20 DEMU rakes of 8 coach length each. The work was sanctioned under Works Programme 06-07 at a cost of ₹21.75 crore.

21.  Setting up of Workshops in East Central Railway –

Wagon POH workshop at Dalmianagar:

The work of setting up of wagon POH workshop at Dalmianagar has been sanctioned by Railway Board under works programme 2015-16 at an estimated cost of Rs. 89.20 crore. The work is awarded to M/s RITES as turnkey project by Railway Board. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by ECR and M/s RITES. The cost of this project is Rs. 403.19 crore for POH (Periodic Over Hauling) of 250 Wagon per month. The POH workshop, Dalmianagar shall be connected to the Dedicated Freight Corridor.

    Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) Car Shed Gaya:

The work of setting up of MEMU Car Shed Gaya has been sanctioned in 2016-17 for maintaining 30 rakes of sixteen coaches each under Plan Head-42. The project is being executed by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL). The cost of the entire project is ₹97.85 crore. Work has commenced and 30% of physical progress & 25% of financial progress has been achieved. The project is targeted for completion by November, 2020.

22.   Harnessing of Solar Energy

To reduce energy consumption and dependency on fossil fuel (Electricity & HSD oil) 5.579 MWp capacity solar energy has been harnessed by installing solar panels at rooftop of various stations & service buildings, Solar at manned Level crossing gates, solar street lights and solar geyser in running rooms.

Further, work for provision of 1.44 MWp capacity solar power plants at rooftops of various Railway buildings over ECR are under execution in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Work is likely to be completed by March-2020.

6.86 MWp capacity solar power plants at rooftops of various Railway buildings over ECR has been awarded by REMCL on 25.10.19 in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.  Signing of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is under process.

23.   ROB/RUBs

During the year, 07 ROBs and 71 RUBs have so far been constructed under different projects of East Central Railway. Further, 58 Level Crossings have also been eliminated during the year by means of constructing ROBs/RUBs and other means like Diversion of Road traffic, closure on account of low TVU etc.

24.   Foot Over Bridge

 Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) are provided at stations for easy and safe passage of passengers from one side to another side of the stations as well as from one platform to another platform of the stations. Accordingly, during the year this facility has been provided/enhanced by commissioning 30 Nos. of foot over bridges.

List of stations where FOB provided during the year

S. No.


S. No.


S. No.







Chaura Dano


Dhanbad (2)






















Kundwa Chainpur


Jehanabad Court














Rusera Ghat




Bapudham Motihari






Narayanpur Anant




Dhamara Ghat

25.   Innovation in Signal & Telecom

·    Provision of Automatic Power SMS Alert System at IBH9 and IBH10: Automatic Power SMS Alert System has been commissioned at IBH9 and IBH10 in GC section of Dhanbad division. A GSM based system to send SMS alerts corresponding to the Mains Voltage, AC/DC output voltages and battery voltage in addition to the faults occurring. The system shall have facility for Automatic serial data transfer to a Central Monitoring Unit through data logger.

·     VoIP based Train Control Communication System has been commissioned in the Grand Chord-2 control section from Sonnagar to Manpur. This is the first in Indian Railways when complete control board communication has been VoIP enabled. 

·       Wireless Radio in license free band has been provided between Danapur-Patna, Sonpur-Patna and KBKJ-NOKHA (Ara-Sasaram section for providing backup for control communication with auto patching.

·         Alarm & Counter provided for non-reversal of point within 03 minutes of arrival of trains.

·     E-office has been implemented in ECR/HQ and all 05 Divisions.

·     Multiple online Trainings by OEMs of several Signal & Telecom equipment to enhance Technical knowledge of Signal & Telecom staffs and officers.

·     Use of Video conference to conduct meeting with all Sr. DSTEs, Dy. CSTEs and HQ/Officers on different issues.

    26.   Monumental Flag

We have installed 15 Monumental flags at Dhanbad, Patna, Patliputra, Danapur, Ara, Buxar, Rajendra Nagar, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn., Gaya, Hajipur, Khagaria, Beguasarai, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Bapudham Motihari stations.

27.    Staff Welfare

Sonpur Division of ECR is the 1st Division of Indian Railway to have uploaded 100% data of all employees on HRMS portal. ECR has uploaded overall 99.7% employee’s data on HRMS Portal.

Taking forward the vision of Digital India and concept of Employee Charter, Facilitation Centres have been opened in all Divisions. “Karamchari Darshan Shivir” was organised at all major stations over ECR, to show Service Book to our employees. PAN, AADHAR and PF Nomination forms etc., were collected for updating the records. Staff grievances, if any, were also collected during the Shivir.

We have recruited 10,623 employees through RRB/RRC/Act Apprentice/Cultural & Scout Quota. Welcome kits have been distributed to all new recruits as well as 4,055 ex-servicemen who were engaged for manning of UMLC Gates. Appointments on Compassionate Ground have been given to wards of 282 employees. ECR set a unique record when in one case Compassionate Ground Appointment and settlement dues were paid to the widow of the deceased within 24 hours of the death of the employee.

We have promoted 10,540 Staff through selection selection/ MACP by close monitoring at each level. We have promoted 61 Group ’C’ employees to Group ‘B’ during 2019-20. Pension of all the 66,456 (100%) retired employees have been revised within time limit.

   28.    UMID Cards

Unique Medical Identity (UMID) Cards has been generated & provided to all the working and retired railway employees of ECR.

     29     Old and abandoned coach now a canteen for railway staff

In a yet another innovation, ECRconverted an old and abandoned railway coach as a canteen for its staff. Railways had declared this 1994 Integral Coach Factory built coach (EC 94504) “unfit” for running on tracks.The canteen can accommodate 40 people at a time, is likely to serve the needs of around 400 railway employees, who work round the clock in Danapur Coaching Depot.

A team was formed that gave a facelift to the coach at the Danapur depot yard and made all kinds of facilities available without any additional expenditure.

        30.    Women Empowerment

·       Ladies Common Room and Crèches have been opened in ECR/HQ and all Divisions. This has provided better working environment to the female employees at work place. Sanitary pad vending machines & incinerators have been installed at selected stations and offices.

·     International Women’s Day is celebrated in ECR/HQ as well as Divisions on the 8thof March every year. Last year, an interactive session with 500 female employees of ECR was organised wherein their views and grievances were discussed. Subsequently, a WhatsApp Group “Pahal” (for female employees) has been started for interaction and redressal of any grievances pertaining to them. 

·   Charter for privileges and rights of Woman Employees has been prepared in ECR highlighting the benefits admissible to them and displayed all over ECR.



Source : East Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-04-2021  

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