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      PCSTE Tech. Circulars

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ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185


Tech.Circular No. 14 

Provision for Earthling for Signalling Equipments

 ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185 03.03.2009Tech.Circular No. 15 Disconnection of Interlocked Signalling Gear for inspection /Maintenance/Repairing/Testing of Interloceked  Interlocked Signalling Gear
  ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185 30.9.2009 Tech.Circular No. 16 Installation &Maintenance practice of LED lit Signals
  ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185 13.10.209 Tech.Circular No. 17 Reliability of Plug in Type Relays

 ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185


Tech.Circular No. 18

Use of Screwless & Solderless  Terminals for Location Boxes, Relay Room & Control cum Indication Panel Terminations in place of ARA Terminals

ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185


Tech.Circular No.19

Provision of Data Logger their functional requirements & Exception Report

ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185

Tech.Circular No. 20

Signal Interlocking Plan & Numbering System

ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185


Tech.Circular No. 21

Provision of RDSO approved fuses in different Signalling Cicuits

ECR/S&T/Tech Circular/185


Tech.Circular No. 22

Pre monsoon precaution to be taken by S&T  & Engg. Department  in connection with efficient functioning of S&T equipments



Policy Circular No.1

Rationlisation of No. of cable core for  various Signallig Cable



Policy Circular No. 3

Policy regarding provision of  Shunt Signal and Clearance  of Loop Line Starter

ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy  Circular


Policy Circular No. 4

AMR/AMRR of modern Signalling Equipments (IPS, Data Logger,EI & SSDAC/BPAC)

ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy  Circular


Policy Circular  No.5

Modification of minimum eligibility criteria for Works Tender

ECR/S&T/Tele Policy/135


Policy Circular No. 6

Monsoon precaution to be taken before hand for various Telecom Equipment

ECR/S&T/Tele Policy/135


Policy Circular  No.7

AMC/AMRR of Modern Telecom Equipment

ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy  Circular


Policy Circular No. 8

Policy for laying Signal & Power cable through RCC duct , Solar based Power  supply for stations and LC in non RE area and Ring main arrangement at major stations & Auto section

ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy  Circular


Policy Circular No. 9

Procurement of Sliding Boom through Works Contract

 ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy  Circular 12/26.08.2013 Policy Circular No. 10Policy for laying of Power cable, Cables crossing from culverts & from J.B" (Main) to basement (Cable duct room) of Relay Room and Alarm for failure of track chargers using potential free contacts.
 ECR/S& T/Sig/Policy/200 Pt.1I 26/6/14 Cable protection arrangement
ECR/S&T/Sig/Maintenance/Pt-III 21.08.2014 Checklist of IPS and Data Logger for Joint Signature
during AMC visit
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.III 24.07.2014 Irregularities in the works of trenching, laying of
cables-System improveinent.
ECR/S& T/Sig / Maintenance/Pt.III       
 02/7/2014 Safety drive for level crossing gate.

 ECR/S&T /SIG / Maintenance/Pt-II 03.11.2014  Winter precautions for Signalling System.
 ECR/S&T/SIG/Maintenance/Pt-III  28.01.2015  Summer Precaution
Format for Installation Check List  Format for Installation Check List
 ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy/200/Pt.III 01.04.2016 Policy Circular No.-11 Rationlisation of No. of cable core for  various Signallig Cable
 2015/Sig/Air- Conditioning 07.12.2015  Provisioning of Air Conditioning for Signalling Installation.
 ECR/S&T/SIG/FAILURE/182/Pt.VII 01.05.2015  Facility available in Panel for efficient operation of Signalling System
 ECR/S&T/SIG/POLICY/200/Pt-III/522 23/24.06.15  provision of porta cabins in ST installation
 ECR/S&T/STY/184/Pt-II 16.06.2015  Safety measures of prevention of Fire Hazard in  S&T Installation
 ECR/S&T/SIG/POLICY/200/Pt-III/1176 07.10.2015  Submission of precommissioning checklist
   Maintenance of Signalling equipments at Divisional Level
 Policy Circular No.-11
 Policy Circular No.-11
 Policy for type of interlocking
 2015/SIG/Non Gaz./I 
 Guide lines for Uniform for S&T maintenance employee 
 ECR/S&T/SIG/Policy/200/Pt-IV/972 30.09.2019  To execute any alteration at Site to ensure safety
 Technical Circular No. 01/2020 07.08.2020 Technical Circular No. 01/2020 Use of RDSO  approved fuses in different Signalling Circuits
 ECR/S&T/SIG/POLICY/200/PT-IV 06.10.2020  Provision of Safety Point Alarm/ Point reversal alert based on data loggere
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV 06.10.2020  Permissible length of reliable working of Block Instruments/DACs
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV 21.09.20  Technical Specifications of Automatic media changeover
ECR/S&T/Sig/Tech/185/Pt. VIII/974 30.09.19  Functioning of BPAC and Associated Axle Counter.
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV/523 27.06.19  Air Conditioning of Relay Room provided with electronic interlocking system.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/2100 27.02.19  Safety Alarm generation by dataloggers.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/245 08.05.2019  Site Protection measures during Signal Maintenance Works.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/1961 05.02.2019  Direction given by Hon'ble MR during presentation on 07.12.2018.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/1056 04.11.2019  Picking up of arival departure time at stations by datalogger.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/694 01.08.2019  Lighting & Surge protection for Signalling Equipment.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/209 01.05.2019  Deputation of Officer for SAT
ECR/S&T/PCDO/Corresp/192/Pt-II/225 01.05.2019 Uniform & Protective gears for maintainers & helpers of S&T Department.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/1029 29.05.2018  Damage of Signal Post Ladder & Signal Unit fallen down by open door of wagons at Mahwal Station in SPJ Division on 17.05.2018
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/1489 29.10.2018  Shifting of Cables passing through bridges.
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/142 27.06.2018  Providing Point Machines for operation of Non interlocked Points
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt-IV 27.11.2018  Monthly Limit for the opening of Relay Room
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt-IV/1472 23.10.2018  Implementation of Draft JPO for handing of stores and maintenance of records thereof by field units for system improvement.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV/1441 23.10.2018  Development of grievance redressal system at divisions level 
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV/1674 12.12.2018  To provide scaling and locking arrangement in Signal Unit
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV/1151 12.06.2018  Replacement of ordinary curve switches by thick web switches.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt-IV 10.05.2018  Minimum standards for Track, Signalling, OHE etc for construction of new lines under NGR & JV model of Indian Railways Participative policy.
 ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/200/Pt.-IV 09.10.2018  Provision of Axle Counter on bridges along with track circuit.
ECR/S&T/Sig/Policy/Pt-IV/1087 04.11.2019 Reliability Improvement measures

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