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Office Order 175/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 13.03.2021
Office Order 169/NG/2021/MPEC/SPJ Date 08.04.2021
Office Order 168/NG/2021/Elect.(OP)/SPJ Date 08.04.2021
Office Order 118/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 17.03.2021
Office Order 117/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 17.03.2021
Office Order 106/NG/2021/MPEC/SPJ Date 11.03.2021
Office Order 105/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 11.03.2021
Office Order 104/NG/2021/MPEC/SPJ Date 10.03.2021
Office Order 92/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 04.03.2021
Office Order 85/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 26.02.2021
Office Order 84/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 26.02.2021
Office Order 83/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 25.02.2021
Office Order 76/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 23.02.2021
Office Order 23/NG/2021/Elect./SPJ Date 25.01.2021
Office Order 10/NG/2021/MPEC/SPJ Date 13.01.2021

Office Order 582/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 11.11.2020
Office Order 576/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 06.11.2020
Office Order 566/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 05.11.2020
Office Order 560/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 03.11.2020
Office Order 530/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 16.10.2020
Office Order 525/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 14.10.2020
Office Order 518/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 13.10.2020
Office Order 506/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 09.10.2020
Office Order 477/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 24.09.2020
Office Order 464/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 21.09.2020
Office Order 415/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 25.08.2020
Office Order 401/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 25.08.2020
Office Order 388/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 19.08.2020
Office Order 374/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 04.08.2020
Office Order 338/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 21.07.2020
Office Order 303/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 30.06.2020
Office Order 302/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 30.06.2020
Office Order 282/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 18.06.2020
Office Order 267/NG/2020/Elect(P)/SPJ Date 08.06.2020
Office Order 264/NG/2020/Elect(P)/SPJ Date 05.06.2020
Office Order 230/NG/2020/Elect(P)/SPJ Date 12.05.2020
Office Order 209/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 21.04.2020
Office Order 202/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 23.03.2020
Office Order 184/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 18.03.2020
Office Order 155/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 06.03.2020
Office Order 152/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 05.03.2020
Office Order 147/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 04.03.2020
Office Order 142/NG/2020/Electrical(TRD)/SPJ Date 04.03.2020
Office Order 95/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 13.02.2020
Office Order 37/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 10.01.2020
Office Order 30/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 09.01.2020
Office Order 06/NG/2020/Electrical/SPJ Date 02.01.2020


Office Order 1335/NG/2019/Electrical/SPJ Date 26.12.2019
Office Order 1278/NG/2019/Electrical/SPJ Date 09.12.2019
Office Order 1277/NG/2019/Electrical/SPJ Date 09.12.2019
Office Order 1275/NG/2019/Electrical/SPJ Date 09.12.2019
Office Order 1259/NG/2019/Elect(TRD)/SPJ Date 05.12.2019
Office Order 1250/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.11.2019
Office Order 1205/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 14.11.2019
Office Order 1193/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 07.11.2019
Office Order 1188/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 07.11.2019
Office Order 1176/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 31.10.2019
Office Order 1152/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 17.10.2019
Office Order 1151/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 17.10.2019
Office Order 1095/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 16.09.2019
Office Order 1091/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 13.09.2019
Office Order 1069/NG/2019/Rectt.Cell/SPJ Date 09.09.2019
Office Order 1064/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 04.09.2019
Office Order 1017/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 1016/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 1008/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 1007/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 1005/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 988/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 977/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 974/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 973/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 956/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 949/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 946/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 938/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 937/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 921/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 29.08.2019
Office Order 870/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 851/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 847/NG/2019/Rectt.Cell/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 836/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 834/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 811/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 805/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 802/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 784/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ Date 08.08.2019
Office Order 195/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 30/07/2019
Office Order 116/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 29/07/2019
Office Order 87/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 19/07/2019
Office Order 75(A)/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 15/07/2019
Office Order 75(/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 16/07/2019
Office Order 77/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 16/07/2019
Office Order 77/NG/2019/D.Shed/SPJ Date 16/07/2019
Office Order 57/NG/2019/D.Shed/SPJ Date 11/07/2019
Office Order 13/NG/2019/Elect/(TRD)SPJ Date 27/06/2019
Office Order 23/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 27/06/2019
Office Order 29/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 28/06/2019
Office Order 36/NG/2019/Elect/(TRD)SPJ Date 03/07/2019
Office Order 39/NG/2019/Elect/SPJ,Date 03.07.2019

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