ࡱ>   !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~      !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~      !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~      !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~Root Entry FWordDocument 1Table"Data   6v4t4P z 70 "*v@w< BCT DIV. TRS unit  7 #  2  I  ( . .  > )  G ? 2  ,  ( / K  > .  ) /  QUESTION BANK (TENTATIVE) ON TRACTION ROLLING STOCK (TRS) 5 $ A ? (  > 0  G / OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS 1 8 G  @ 5 > 5 Safety relays  ).8 - @ DI  >  *  ).8 - @ DU  >  * a).All DI typeb).All DU type ).8 - @ DI $ % > DU  >  *  ). A  DU  >  * $ % >  A  DI  >  * c).All DU & DI typed).Some are DU and some are DI type : 2. DI  >  * 8 G  @ 5 > 5 9 / DI Safety relays are  ).   ). a). QOP, QOA b). QRSI, QLA, QLM  ).   ). c). QOP, QPDJ d). Q44, Q118 3. DU  >  * 8 G  @ 5 > 5 9 / DU type safety relays are  ).   ). a). QOP, QOA b). QLM, QRSI  ).   ). c). Q44 d). Q118 4. RSILM  > CT 0 G 6 K / CT ratio of RSILM:  ). 1000:5 a).  ). 4000:5 c).   ). b). 2000: 5  ). 1000: 15 5. TFILM  > CT 0 G 6 K / CT ratio of TFILM:  ).50: 5 ).100: 5a).b). ).250: 5 ).200: 5c).d). 6. WAG5 2 K  K . Q20  > ? *  - * 5 K  G  / Pick up voltage of Q20 in WAG5 locos:  ).750 V ).900 Va).b). ).865 V ).650c).d). 7. WAG5 2 K  K .  , RB 8 5 8 . 9 K  0 * > 5 0 8   .  % + I    >  $ ,  L ( 8 > 0 2 G  > /  0 G  > ? Qstn.7. While RB is in service which relay will act if earth fault occurs in the Power Circuit of WAG5 loco:  ).QOP 1 ).QOP 2a).b). ).QOA ).QLMc).d). : 8. WAG5 2 K  K . RU  0 ?   8 5 H / B 9 H / The resistance value of RU in WAG5 locos is  ).88 k ).110 ka).b). ).120 k ).220 kc).d). 9. WAG5 2 K  K  % 5 > 6P 2 K  K RU  0 ?   8 5 H / B 9 H / The resistance value of RU in WAG5 locos or 6P locos :-  ).2.4 k ).13.2 ka).b). ).24 k ).10 kc).d). 10. Q44  8 G   5 H / B 9 H / The setting value of Q44 is  /a). : 1 8 H   !  / b). : 2 8 H   !  / c). : 5 8 H   !  / d). 0.6 8 H   ! 11. Q118  8 H   5 H / B 9 H / The setting value of Q118 is   /a). : 2.5 8 H   !  / b). : 5 8 H   !  / c). : 0.6 8 H   !   / d). 1.5 8 H   ! The resistance value of RU in WAG5 locos or 6P locos a) 2.4 k b) 13.2 k c) 24 k d) 10 k The setting value of Q44 is a) 1 sec b) 2 sec c) 5 sec d) 0.6 sec The setting value of Q118 is a) 2.5 sec b) 5 sec c) 0.6 sec d) 1.5 sec In twin Beam headlight the rating of bulb is _________ a) 24V, 70/75W b) 24V, 90/100 W c) 110V, 70/75 W  d) 110V, 90/100 W 13. The input/out put voltage ratings of the DC-DC converter are: a) 110V/110V b) 110V/50V c) 110V/24V  d) 110V/20V In a twin beam Head light, what is the voltage of bulb in  dimmer Operation. a) 110V b) 55V c) 24V d) 12V What is the advantage of twin beam headlight system: Headlight glows while passing beam headlight system. Headlight focusing is good. Even one bulb fuses also, it will not effect the running of loco to destination. All the above The rating of a cab heater is : a) 500 , 500W b) 400 , 500W c) 100 , 500W d) 50 , 500W How many CPs of 1000 LPM are required for Air brake loco for Passenger service a) Minimum 2 CPs b) Maximum 2 CPs c) Minimum 3 CPs d) Maximum 3 CPs 18. What is class of Insulation specified for 180 degree temperature: a) B class b) A class c) H class d) Y class 19. At the time of wheel slip, the object of sanders is to a) improve the adhesion b) avoid wheel slipping c) to have momentum d) all the above 20.Continuous tractive effort at wheel rim of WAG7 loco is a) 34.3 tonnes b) 30 tonnes c) 20.5 tonnes d) 19 tones 21.The specific gravity of electrolyte is measured using: a) 1.250 b) 1.200 c) 1.100 d) 1.180 22.Specific gravity of electrolyte is measured using:a) Thermometer b) Hygrometer c) Hydrometer d) Lactometer23.DC series motor is used for traction purpose becausea) High speed b) High starting torque c) Low starting torque d) Constant torque at all speeds Horse power of a TAO 659 traction motor is a) 700 HP b) 600 HP c) 770 HP d) 800 HP 25. Size of each cable connected to Traction Motor is a) 120 Sq.mm b) 150 Sq.mm c) 200 Sq.mm d) 270 Sq.mm 26. Size of each cable connected to MVMT1/MVMT2/MVRH in AC Locomotive is a) 3 Sq.mmb) 10 Sq.mmc) 25 Sq.mmd) 50 Sq.mm27.Size of the cable connected to MCP/MPHa) 3 Sq.mmb) 10 Sq.mmc) 25 Sq.mmd) 50 Sq.mm28.Size of the cable used in control circuits isa) 3 Sq.mmb) 10 Sq.mmc) 25 Sq.mmd) 50 Sq.mm29.Size of the cable connected to Arnoa) 100 Sq.mmb) 150 Sq.mm c) 120 Sq.mm d) 150 Sq.mm30.Breaking excitation transformer ATFEX purpose isa) Excitation of armature b) Excitation of fieldc) Excitation of both Excitation of TFP BP1 DJ is pressed a) To start the loco b) to stop the loco c) to close DJ d) to trip DJ HQOP & HQOA are Earth fault relay by pass switches b) Earth fault relay isolation switches Earth fault relays d) All the above. 33. Flasher light is provided in loco / MEMU To communicate with the loco driver coming in the opposite direction about any difficulty. To communicate with the loco driver coming in the same direction, about any Difficulty. To inform the opposite coming loco driver about the abnormality noticed about OHE/Track. All above. EM contactor main contact pressure is a) 650 to 800 gms b) 600 to 800 gms c) 600 to 750 gms d) 600 to 800 gms Electrolyte used in lead acid battery is Conc. Sulphuric acid b) dil. Sulphuric acid c) Nitric acid d) none 36. The fuse rating of CCPT is 6 amps b) 10 amps c) 16 amps d) 35 amps CHBA function is normally To supply the DC charging current to batteries To supply the DC load current to various control circuits To supply the current to Auxiliary motors Both (a) & (b) 38. The purpose of RSI block is To convert AC to DC To convert DC to AC To generate AC To generate DC 39. Battery negative is connected to loco body through HQOP b) HQOA c) HOBA d) HQCVAR 40. MVMT1/MVMT2 are meant for cooling of Armature of TM b) Field coils of TM c) Stator of TM d) All the above 41. Shunting contactors are provided in the loco for purpose of Increasing the speed b) to decrease the speed c) to stabilize the speed d) To stop the train. The speed control method used in AC locomotive / MEMU Voltage control b) Current control c) Rheostatic control Regenerative control The type of Electric braking system used in AC loco with tap changer is a) Regenerative b) Rheostatic c) Both d) None. Current is collected from OHE to AC loco through Transformer b) Circuit breaker c) Pantograph d) Servomotor. 45. Taps on auto winding of TRP are provided for Speed control b) protection from surges c) shorting of winding Avoiding overloading of TFP. 46. QOP relay is used to detect Earth fault in auxiliary circuit b) Over current c) Earth fault in power Circuit d) Surges For converting AC to DC following equipment is used in locos Transformer b) Smoothening reactor c) Silicon Rectifier d) DJ 48. Which one of the following is not a safety item ACP Unit b) Hand brake c) Head light d) Corridor light 49. The maximum rpm of a Hitachi Traction Motor is 895 rpm b) 1000 rpm c) 1100 rpm d) 1250 rpm 50. MVRH is a DC motor b) 3 AC motor c) Universal motor d) 1 AC motor. 51. Wheel slipping occurs a) Due to Down gradient b) due to poor brake power If applied tractive effort is more than adhesive weight of loco None of the above 52. KVA rating of TFP used in WAG7 & WAP4 locos is 3460 KVA b) 3900 KVA c) 5400 KVA d) 6000 KVA 53. In Traction Transformer A33-A0 is Auto Transformer winding A34-A0 is Primary winding a0-a1 is Auxiliary winding All are correct 71.In WAP4 loco, the no. of brake cylinders area) 8 b) 10c) 12 d) 1672.Bolster is used in the following class of locosa) WAG5b) WAM4 c) WAP4 d) WAG773.MU2B and F1 Selector Valves are used to isolate Rear loco b) A9 and SA9 of rear loco c) RSI block in MU operation None of the above. 74. DP Test is done to detect Acetylene content in oil Methane level Inside void in axle Surface crack 75. Field shunting in loco is done to a) Increase tractive effort b) Increase power of loco c) Increase speed d) both (b) & (c) are correct QLM setting of WAG7 loco is 9 amps b) 8 amps c) 7 amps d) 10 amps Noise / vibration level of bearing is measured in a) DB b) dB c) GB d) BD EFDJ coil of DJ in WAG7 loco is holding coil b) closing coil c) None d) (a) & (b) 79.Hitachi Traction motor is a 4 pole DC motor 6 pole AC motor 4 pole AC motor 6 pole DC motor 80. In MVMT bearing used is 6313 with c3 clearance 6312 with c4 clearance 6312 with c3 clearance 6313 with c4 clearance The requisition No. for N.S item is a) S 1313 b) S1302 c) S1315 d) S 1305 Opening of the AAL Make VCB is done through a) air pressure b) charged spring c) both (a) & (b) none of the above 83. What type of bearing is used in WAG7 loco axle box? ball bearing b) roller bearing c) tapered roller bearing d) needle bearing 84. In a failed WAP4 loco, it is found that in TM5 carbon brush was touching to the TM body, which relay would have been operated a) QLM b) QRSI c) QOP1 d) QOP2 85.What is the voltage of OHE feeding power to WAG7 locoa) 25 KV AC b) 1500 V DCc) 11 KV AC d) 440 V AC86.MVRH is provided to cool thea)Traction Motor b) RSI blockc) TFP Radiator d) Compressor What is the time interval between IA and IB schedule of WAG5 loco is_______days a) 45 b) 60 c) 90 d) 30 88. Loco brake applies & & .kg pressure with A9. a) 2.0 b) 3.5 c) 1.5 d) 7.0  BLACK LASH term is related to a) TFP b) Battery c) CBC d) Gears There are& & .. nos. of main poles (MP) in a Hitachi TM. a) 6 b) 4c) 2.d) 1291.The lubricant used in suspension bearing of a TAO motor is& & & .a) 170-T b) SP57c) Servo RR3 d) Mineral oil92.Multi meter is used to measure& & ..a) Voltage onlyb) current only c) resistance only d) all of the above93.WAG5 loco is using & & & & . Type of bogies Flexi coil co-co Fabricated co-co Tri mounted co-co Any of the above 94. Loco TFP has & & . No.s of taps for voltage control a) 16 b) 32 c) 12 d) depending upon the type of loco What is the ratio of percentage load sharing between center pivot and side bearers in WAG5 loco a) 60:40 b) 50:50 c) 40:60 d) 70: 30 What are the time delays of Q118, Q44 and QTD Relays? 5 sec, 5 sec, 1 sec 5 sec, 5 sec, 5 sec 5 sec, 0.6 sec, 5 sec 1 sec, 0.6 sec, 5 sec 97. Sand is used in locomotives to avoid a) Wheel skidding b) wheel slipping c) brake failure d) all the above Leakage Test is conducted to find out leakage in a) CP b) MR c) BP d) Whole loco When the DJ of the locomotives opens following pilot lamps will glow LSDJ, LSGR, LSB & LSCHBA LSDJ, LSGR, LSB & LSP LSDJ, LSGR, LSB & LSOL LSDJ & LSGR only When QVMT2 is defective it may give following problem. DJ will not close DJ will close but immediately open DJ will close but open after 10.6 secs DJ will close but open after 15.6 secs. LSRSI will glow when Earth fault in rectifier takes place Tell tale fuse of RSI blows When QRSI relay drops None of the above If LSB is glowing, the loco have following problem. Brake of the loco is not working Brake pipe pressure has dropped to 3.8 Kg/cm2 CTF and reverser are not in correct position The dynamic braking in loco out of order. When pantograph of a loco comes down suddenly loco may have following trouble a) CCBA fuse blown b) CCPT fuse blown c) CCDJ & CCBA fuse blown d) None of the above 104. In WAM4 MCPA pressure not building up VESA air leaking b) VEAD air leaking c) IP (E) air leaking d) DJ oil separator drain cock closed e) none 105. In MU loco driver experienced rear loco brakes are not applying due to the following trouble MU2B leading loco in leading MU2B tailing loco in leading A1 differential cock closed SA 9 problem None Vacuum dropping suddenly on run, driver will check for below A9 defective b) Train parted c) VA1B defective d) All the above Duplex check valve defective in WAP4 loco will resulted to Horn/wiper not working Horn/sanders not working c) Horn/FP not working d) All the above 108. In WAP4 BP pressure not building up may be due to A9 defective b) C3W defective c) SA9 defective d) none of the above 109. In WAP4 MR pressure not building up A8cock closed condition Bogie cocks closed condition VEAD cock closed MR cock closed None of the above 110. Gear ratio of WAG7 loco is a) 15: 62 b) 21: 58 c) 18: 64 d) 16: 65 Max.starting torque offered by WAG7 loco is 44 tonnes b) 42 tonnes c) 45 tonnes d) 55 tonnes Rating of MEMU transformer is 1200 KVA b) 1000 KVA c) 800 KVA d 1100 KVA Voltage rating of MEMU Traction Motor is 500 V b) 580 V c) 535 V d) 550 V New wheel diameter of MEMU Motor coach/Trailer coach a) 900mm b) 950 mm c) 850 mm d) 952 mm115.Total auxiliary motors in MEMU motor coacha) 5b) 4c) 3d) 2116.Total No. of traction motors in a MEMU motor coacha)2b)3c) 4d) 5 The safety device provided in MEMU for detecting gassing and protection of transformer is a) OLP b) TTR c) BUD d) PRV The safety device fitted to the MEMU Transformer for its protection against explosion. a) PRV b) BUDc) OLPd) TTR119.Maximum acceleration of MEMU, on level tangent track with crush load isa) 1.2 Kmph/Secb) 1.6 Kmph/Sec c) 1.8Kmph/Sec d) 1.4 Kmph/Sec120.The Ampere hour capacity of MEMU battery isa) 100 AHb) 75 AH c) 90 AH d) 80 AH121.The tractive effort of MEMU motor coach with 3 TCs at the time of startinga) 10 tonnesb) 9.6 tonnesc) 8 tonnesd) 11 tonnes In MEMU, ABB Governor is for Panto reservoir pipe MR reservoir Aux reservoir BP reservoir None of the above In MEMU the setting of ABB Governor cut in/cut out is a) 5.0/6.0 kg/cm2 b) 7.0/8.0 kg/cm2 c) 4.5/5.5 kg/cm2 d) 6.0/7.0 kg/cm2 e) None of the above In MEMU the setting of MCP Governor cut in/cut out is a) 5.0/6.0 kg/cm2 b 7.0/8.0 kg/cm2 c) 4.5/5.5 kg/cm2 d) 6.0/7.0 kg/cm2 None of the above. In MEMU one of the following is a part of brake controller a) Tripple valve b) Equalizing discharge valve c) Safety valve d) Application magnet valve e) none of the above 126. In MEMU one of the following is a part of EP unit a) Equalizing valve b) Triple valve c) Puppet valve d) Self lapping cylinder e) none of the above In MEMU the setting of equipment governor cut in/cut out is 4.5/5.5 kg/cm2 b) 2.2/3.8 kg/cm2 c) 4.2/3.3 kg/cm2 d) 4.4/5.2 kg/cm2 None 128. In MEMU the setting of control governor cut in/cut out is 5.5/4.3 kg/cm2 b) 3.3/4.2 kg/cm2 c) 5.5/6.5 kg/cm2 d) 3.2/4.8 kg/cm2 None of the above In MEMU the BC pressure is 2 kg/cm2 b) 3.5 kg/cm2 c) 1.5 kg/cm2 d) 4 kg/cm2 e) none In MEMU the MR pressure is a) 5 kg/cm2 b) 7 kg/cm2 c) 6 kg/cm2 d) 8 kg/cm2 e) none 131. In MEMU one of the following is a part of brake controller a) Triple valve b) Equalizing discharge valve c) Safety valve d) Application magnet valve e) None of the above 132. In MEMU one of the following is a part of EP unit a) Equalizing valve  b) Triple valve  c) Puppet valve d) Self lapping cylinder  e) None of the above Instrument used to measure contact resistance Whetstone bridge b) Multi meter c) Micro ohmmeter d) Tongue meter Action in lead acid cell Reversible b) Irreversible c) Both a & b d) None Purpose of inter pole in the traction motor. To avoid sparking on the commutator b) To avoid bad commutation c) To divert field currentd) None136.During rheostat braking traction motor works as aa) Generatorb) Converter c) Motor d)Inverter137.Dual speed of PV s obtained bya) Changing frequencyb) Changing polesc) By inserting resistance138.The relay QOP/QOA is the relay of sensinga) Voltage b) currentc) resistance139.Which amongst the following insulation class of material can with standHighest temperaturea) H b) Cc) Fd) B140.Purpose of sander valve isa) ETTFPb) ET 1 & 2 c) HOMd) None141. Contactor used for running AC MCRF is& & & & & .a) C 105b) C 106c) C 107d) C 108 Match the following: Group  AGroup  Ba. Rocker arm1.Head lightb. Breather2.Gear Casec. Mounting Pad3.Pantographd. Servomotor4.Twin Beam Head Lighte. Felt5.Relaysf. Plunger6.Traction Motorg. RTPR7.Bogieh. DC-DC Converter8.Transformeri. RF9.DBRj. Tel-Tel Fuse10. RSI 143. Match the following: Group  A a. RGR b. Sanders c. Oil bath filter  Group  B 1. GR 2.Wheel slipping 3.CP d. A9  4. Synchronizes brake application e. Reversor  5. Direction selection switch f. CTF  6. Braking selection switch g. SA9  7. Independent brake 144. Match the following: Group  A Group  B a. HOM1. Loco grounding switchb. LTBA2.Battery protection from surgesc. CCBA3.Battery over load protectiond. C1074. EMC for MVRHe. C1055. EMC for MVMT 1f. Q 526. Notch by notch supervision relayg. PVEF7.Loco brake isolation switch(Pedal switch)145. Match the following:Group  A Group  B a. MVRF1.Over voltage relayb. ARNO2.Energy cum speed monitoringsystemc. Q 303. 1- to 3- converterd. Q 204. DBRe. ESMON5.No volt/low volt relay146. . Match the following:Group  A Group  B a. BP1.10.5 kg/cm2b. FP2.1- to 3- Static Converterc. MR3.Moisture & oil grease particleremoval from aird. Air Drier4.5 kg/cm2e. Static Inverter5.6 kg/cm2 147. The active material used for positive plate of lead acid battery is ________________ Voltage operated relays are _____________ type. Current operated relays are _____________ type. Setting value of QRSI relay ___________________ in WAP4/WAG5 locos. The purpose of SL is ________________________________________ The resistance value of RPGR is _______________________________ The resistance value of RGR is ________________________________ The HP of MVSL is _________________________________________ LECC is provided in the loco to indicate _________________________ LSCHBA is provided in the loco to indicate ______________________ Additional CCBA provided to protect ___________________________ DC-DC converter provided to use head lamps of loco in _____________section. Over charging or batteries results _______________________________ Under charging of batteries results ______________________________ DGA being measured for transformer insulating oil for ______________ analysis. Transformer breather used for __________________________________ Traction Motor neutral axis set by _______________________________ method. Q 20 will pick up at ________ V DC. Drop out at _______ V DC for 6P combination of WAP4 loco. Current transformers are used to measure ______________ in AC systems. The protection against safety for equipment as well as human in the locomotive ___ The number of auxiliary motors starts along with arno________________ SJ is connected in series with ____________________________________ Tolerance of voltage in static converter __________________ Type of TFP oil used is _______________________________ FRPCPY represents __________________________________ Effective value of RC-network across a3,a4 & a5,a6 in WAM4-6P loco__________ Type of traction motor bearing of TAO-659 __________________________ Class of insulation for auxiliary motors winding _______________________ Shock pulse meter to is used to ____________________________________ UA is connected to ARNO U&V phases to read auxiliary power voltage corresponding to___________________________ Suspension bearing is used in WAP4 locos _______________True/False. _______________ method is used to estimate moisture content in transformer oil. Water content allowable in the transformer oil is max _____ ppm in service, new filtered oil _______ ppm. Specific resistance at 90 0 C (OHM-cm) _________ (Min) for new transformer oil. Die electric dissipation factor (Tan delta) at 90 0 C (IS-6267-71) __________ max for in service oil & for new filtered oil _________max. Acidity 0.5 mg KOH/gm (max) in service for new filtered oil _______ mg KOH/mg Sediments and perceptible sludge allowable in TFP oil __________ by weight. Transformer oil flash point minimum _________ C for serviceable oil and _____ C for new filtered oil. Interfacial tension at 27 0 C is _________ n/m for new filtered oil. Oxidation inhibitor _______% by mass (max) in transformer oil. Permissible Ovailty of TM TAO armature is below ______mm Arc horn gap for TAO 659 TM is _______________________ The purpose of star delta starter for induction motor is to _______________ on line. VCB pressure switch setting cut in _____kg/cm2 and cut out __________ kg/cm2. Conservator safety valve spring tension is ________________ kg/cm2 max. PHGR oil strokes _______________ per minute. Tightness (torque) of GR segments is ________________ Minimum thickness of GR segments is ____________mm Main contact pressure of reverser/CTF is ____________ kg. Effective value of CAPTFP 3,4,5 & 6 us _____________mfd. Rating of surge arresters in ETTFP 6P loco is __________kv. Contact pressure of EM contactor is __________________ gms. Air gap of EM contactor main contact is _______________mm. Contact pressure of C118 contactor is _________________ kg. Contact pressure of CGR is __________________________ Inhibited Transformer oil to be used in locomotives is as per IS Specification No.__ Pyrometer is used to measure ____________________________ In lead acid battery, active material used for positive plate is______________ Active material used for negative plate in lead acid battery is ______________ The electrolyte used in lead acid battery is _____________________________ Specific gravity of fully charged cell is ________________________________ Hydrometer is used to measure _______________________ of electrolyte. Thickness of new contact bit of CGR is ___________ mm. Thickness of condemned contact bit of CGR is ______mm. Opening gap of CGR contacts is _________________ mm. The rating of ATFEX is _____________________ KVA. The current through RGR flows when __________ and ____________ are closed. Fully charged cell gives off _______ at cathode and _______ at anode. The input supply of CHBA _________V AC and output V DC. TFVT input is ________ V AC and out put is _________ V AC. The air gap between stator and rotor of MVRH is __________ mm. The air gap between stator and rotor of MVMT is _________ mm. The size of cable connected to ARNO is _________ sq.mm each. Two pole synchronous motor runs at ______________ rpm. Value of RGR Resistance is _______________ ohms. Rating of RQOP resistance is ______________ The value of R118 resistance is _____________ RHOBA resistance is ________ ohms and ___________W. QOP/QOA coil resistance value is ______________ohms. Q30 coil resistance is ___________ ohms. Q44/Q118 coil resistance value is _________ohms. Resistance of QLM/AE/QF/QRSI relays is ____________ohms. The rating of RPS permanent field weakening resistance is ___________ ohms. Continuous current permissible through RPS is _______ A. Meter used to check inter turn shorts in EP coils is ________________ Rating of HRC fuses used in series with RPS is ____________ Amps. No. of MP and IP poles used in MEMU traction motor is ____________ Type of cooling used in MEMU traction motor is __________________ Continuous rating of MEMU TM is ___________________A When MPS in 1 position, the resistance value applied in parallel to the field is ______________ ohms in WAP4 locos. Mica thickness of commutator of MEMU TM is _____________ mm. Depth of mica under cut in MEMU TM is ____________ to ________ mm. The dimension of Brush for MEMU traction motor for NEW is ____________ mm And condemned _____________ mm. When MPS in 2 positions, the value of resistances applied in parallel to the field are _________________. When MPS in 3 position, the value of resistance applied in parallel to the field are __________ The setting of cut in pressure is _________ mm WG& cut out _____ mm in QVMT QVSL cut in pressure is _____________ and cut out pressure is _______________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of BP pressure is ________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of FP pressure __________________ In WAG4 loco the pressure drop is allowed up t9o __________________ In WAG5A loco the BP drop is allowed up to _____________________ In WAG5A loco the FP leak hole drop is allowed up to ______________ In WAG5A loco the Dual brake loco the vacuum drop should not exceed_________ In WAG5A loco the standard setting of RGCP cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG5A loco the standard setting of QPDJ cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG5A loco the standard setting of SWC cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of QPH cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of RGAF cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of P1 cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of P2 cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG4 loco the standard setting of RGEB 1 in DBC loco cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAP4 loco the standard setting of RGEB 2 cut in/cut out ___________________ In WAG5 loco the standard setting of CPA SV (SS1) is _______________________ In WAG5 loco the standard setting of MR Safety valve (SS2) is ________________ In WAG5 loco the standard setting of CP Safety valve is _____________________ In WAG5 loco the brake application pressure through SA9 is _________________ In WAG5 loco the BP charging Time through A9 Emergency to release position Should be __________________ In WAG5 loco the Brake application/release time through SA9 is ______________ In WAG5 loco the Brake application/release through A9 for passenger loco is ____ In WAG5 loco the brake application/release time through A9 for goods loco is ____ In WAP4 loco the contact pressure of pantograph AM 12 is ____________ In WAP4 loco the raising / lowering time of pantograph is _____________ seconds. In WAP4 loco the moralized carbon strips in pantograph are provided to ________ In WAP4 loco the Duplex check valve is set at ____________ In WAP4 loco the minimum pressure required to raise panto AM 12 is ___________ In WAP4 loco the lowering time of pantograph AM 12 is adjusted through________ In WAG5A the panto raising steps are adjusted by the __________________ In WAP4 loco during vacuum block test vacuum should not create ___________ In loco motives Air dryers are provided to adsorb moisture from _____________ In WAG5A loco the preset level of vacuum is adjusted by the _______________ In WAP4 loco during BP leak hole test MR pressure should not drop more than ___ In WAP4 SMGR PRV setting is ______________________ Vacuum level setting at WAM4 dual brake loco dummy/disc is _______________ In WAG5A loco the setting of HS4 control valve is ___________________ In WAG5A loco the Auto drain valve is provided to drain the moisture from ______ In WAG5A loco the purpose of Unloader valve is to avoid burning of ___________ In WAG5A loco the permissible limit of Transverse flexibility of pantograph is ___ In WAG5A loco the brake cylinder pressure through_________________________ Trip inspection is carried out after _______Kms for passenger, & _______ Kms for Freight locos. Wheel set clearances is being measured during ______________ schedule. Pinion and bull gear ratio of a WAG 7 loco is ______________ In WAG5A loco the fited with Hitachi TM gear ratio __________ is used. The axle load of WAG9 is __________________ The energy consumed by an electric loco per thousand GT KM is ___________ Capacity of battery provided in electric loco is_______________ampher per hour. Purpose of MVRH is ____________________________ Primary Helical Spring is used in ________________ type of loco. Thickness of Flange at 5 mm Flange wear is _____________________ RPS is used to _________________________ field of Traction Motor. IP Coil is used to improve _____________________ Higher gear is used for _____________________ starting torque. Bibby Coupling is provided to couple _____________________ DGA stands for _________________________________ Equivalent resistance of 5 ohms Resistor and 3 ohms Resistor connected in parallel is ______________________ Type of Pantograph used for WAG5 loco is ___________________ RSI block is _________________________ Wave Rectifier. Q-20 Relay is a _______________________ Bo-Bo bogies have _________ no. of axles in each bogie. In DBR operation, traction motor works as _________________ AM12, AM92 are the type of ____________________________ Every loco should be provided with _________ nos. of Fire Extinguishers. Brake application and release timing through A-9 should be ____ to ____ sec. while dispatching the loco from shed. Through SA9 brake application time is ________________ BC Piston travel should be __________ to _________ mm for WAP 4 locos. Blockage test is conducted for ________________ brake system. With two CPs in working loco alone, the BP pressure should be attained within _________ seconds. SP-90 is the ___________ type of speedometer. ____________ switch is provided to switch off signaling lamp of rear loco in MU. Minimum air pressure required to raise the panto is _________ kg/cm2 Opening time of VCB should be less than ____________ m/sec. Nominal rating of Hitachi Traction Motor is ___________ Opening time of air blast circuit breaker is ______________ The class of insulation used in Hitachi Traction Motor is __________ Maximum starting current of Hitachi Traction Motor is ____________ Continuous current rating of Hitachi TM is _____________ Inductance value of each coil in smoothening reactor SL-30 is ________ milli Henri At 1350 amps. The class of insulation used in SL-30 is ___________ Continuous rated current of Rheostatic braking resistance is ______________ The value of Rheostatic braking resistance parameter at 600 0 C is _________ The type of meter used for measuring voltage and current of Traction Motors is __________ (a. moving coil, b. moving iron, c. a & b ). The type of meter used for measuring Auxiliary circuit voltage is __________ (a. moving iron, b. moving coil). The setting value of high voltage over load relay, QLM is ______________ The setting value of high voltage over load relay, QRSI is ______________ The setting value of over load relay for braking excitation is ____________ The setting value of over load relay QF is ________________ The setting value of QD relays ______ DC amps pick up _____ DC amps drop out. The signaling relay ___________ is used to indicate LSCHBA. The maximum and minimum limits for buffer height adjustment of Electric Locomotives are maximum _______ mm and minimum ________ mm. The number of side bearers in WAG7 locomotives _____________ Nos. The setting value of Auxiliary circuit over load relay (QLA) is _________ No voltage relay (Q-30) pick up at _______ voltage AC drops out at _____ AC. The load protection relay (QCVAR) for ARNO picks up at ________ volts AC and Drops at _________ volts AC The cut in pressure of QVMT relay is ______ mm WG cut out pressure ______ (140-142) mm WG. The cut in pressure of QVRH/QVSL relay is _____(50) mm WG cut out pressure ________ mm WG. The ratio of TFILM in WAG7 is _____________ The ratio of RSILM in WAG7 is _____________ 343. The ratio of ELM in WAG7 is _____________ The QD-1 relay is connected in between ___ and ___ Traction Motors. The QD-2 relay is connected in between ___ and ___ Traction Motors. The vertical type DBR, the QVRF relay is by passed between ____ to ___ notches The range of operating pressure of pressure regulating valve (PRV) in SMGR in ____ to ____ kg/cm2 The PHGR works between ___ to ___ notches. The signaling relay _______ is used to indicate LSDJ. The signaling relay _______ is to indicate LSGR. The signaling relay _______ is used to indicate LSB. What is the length of the WAG5 locomotive bet buffer ends_________. What is the Gear ratio of a wheel set in WAP4 _______________ What is the diameter of the new wheels sets_________________ What is the lower limit of the wheel diameter for condemnation/Re-discing in good loco_____________ What is the limits of the Flange wear and Root wear________ What is the distance to be maintained between wheel disc and the brake block ____ What is  L type of brake blocks &Advantages_____________________________? What is the wheel to wheel distance of wheel set____________? What is the height of the sandwich mounting pad___________? What is the diameter of an Axle ____________? What is the journal dia of an axle___________? What is the free height of an outer Helical Spring____________? What are the axle box clearances of a bogie___________________________? What is the allowable wheel diameter difference on the same axle___________? Wheel diameter difference on two axles of the same bogie_________________? Wheel diameter difference on bogie to bogie____________________________? What is the height of the buffer ____________? What is the height of the rail guard___________? What is Brake cylinder piston travel when brakes are in applied condition _______? What is the height of the center pivot_____________? What is the height of the side bearers_____________? What are the different types of track gauges used in Indian Railways____________? What is the stopper to stopper distance of a wheel set ______________? What is the function of a SB  pump _____________? What is the length of the equalizer assembly of a bogies- _____________? What is B H N _____________________________________________? What is the tightening sequence of the bolts for TM axle cap____________? How the vertical load of a locomotive will be transmitted through center pivot____? and load bearers in WAG5 & WAM4________________? What is the of each gear case_______________________? What is the torque applied to an axle cap bolt of WAP4_____________________? How many snubber coils will be available in the locomotive_________________? What is CBC____________________________? What is the type of suspension in Co-Co bogie________________________? What is stress_______________________________? How to find out a bogie crack____________________________? What are the correct lubricants recommended by RDSO for suspension bearing Of TAO-659____________________________? What is recommended to apply over roof insulators to avoid flashing in Winter season____________________________? What is the diametrical clearance between the axle and the suspension bogie_____? How suspension bearings will be checked____________________________? What are the various diameters of journal of a wheel set is used in service_______? The Traction Motor nose-suspension lugs on the bogie frame transoms is how much__________________? The temperature rise permitted on TAO-659 SB is ________0 C The temperature rise permitted on TAO-659 AB is ________0 C What are the radial clearances for WAG-5 Axle Box bearings during service______ What is the classification of loco failure_________________? Types of maintenance schedules being carried out in Electrical loco shed_______ Types of maintenance schedules being carried out in trip sheds_______________ Periodicity of AOH schedule for freight locos_________________________ Periodicity of IOH schedule for freight locos_________________________ Periodicity of POH schedule for freight locos_________________________ Periodicity of IC schedule for freight locos___________________________ Periodicity of IB schedule for freight locos___________________________ Periodicity of POH schedule for coaching locos_______________________ Periodicity of IOH schedule for coaching locos______________________ Periodicity of AOH schedule for coaching locos_______________________ Periodicity of IC schedule for coaching locos_______________________ Periodicity of IB schedule for coaching locos_______________________ Periodicity of IA schedule for coaching locos_______________________ If there was any fault in the QPH/QVSL1/QVSI2/QVMT1/QVMT2 or concerned Motor is defective which relay de-energizes first and how much time will be taken For tripping DJ._____________seconds. During wheel slipping which relays acts and what indications will be observed on Drivers desk________________ 413. CLW : CHITTARANJAN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS COFMOW : CENTRAL ORGANISATION FOR MODERNISATION OF WORKS SHOPS 415. DGS&D : DIRECTOR GENERAL OF SUPPLIES AND DISPOSAL 416. M&P Items : MACHINARY AND PLANTS ITEMS. 417. RSP : ROLLING STOCK PROGRAMME 418. PAC : PROPERTY ARTICLE CERTIFICATE 419. PL No : PRICE LIST NUMBER 420. RITES : RAIL INDIA TECHNICAL, ECONOMICAL SERVICE 421. PNM : PERMANENT NEGOSHIATION MACHINARY Stores Materials are broadly divided into categories__________________ Imprested items are under custody of stores depot. True or False Local purchase can be made by Stores Department for Stock and Non Stock items. Executive Department can purchase materials directly. True or False. Initial Spares for locos are procured from __________________ Single Tender is processed for items under PAC. True or False COFMOW deals with M&P items. True or False Stores are broadly classified by their total value in three categories A,B,C. True or False DGS&D deals with Rate Contract items only. True or False Who are the authorities issuing the approved sources of supply for various loco items_____________________________________? For drawl of subsistence allowance during suspension period________ certificate is to be produced by the suspended employee. Under D&AR rules, the two types of penalties are __________ & __________ Charge sheet under major penalty class is issued in SF______________ Custody under police for a period of ____ hours is deemed to be the period under Suspension. The four different categories of Railway employees under HOER are: Maximum No. of Leave on Average Pay that can be accumulated is _____ days. Railway Servants in Group  C &  D after completion of ___ No. of years of Service of service are eligible for 3 set of privilege passes. The two major Trade Union Organizations are __________ and __________ Name any two penalties under minor penalty purview______________________ Name any two penalties under major penalty purview______________________ Name any two Services Conduct Rules___________________________________ One technician Gr.I entered the working premises in a state of intoxication. The Supervisor observed and reported the matter to higher authorities. It is deemed that the employee violated the Rule No, ____ of Railway Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966. The Railway servant while attending AOH locos, he ha not devoted his attention fully. As a result, a failure had taken place owing to his negligence. Such negligence on the part of a Railway servant can be taken up under rule No._____ The Period LAP/LHAP sanctioned by an independent supervisory official in Scale Rs.5500-9000 and above to the staff of safety categories per annum shall not exceed___ days. The State Railway Provident Fund (SRPF) rules will not apply to Railway servants Entering into service on or after ____________ Powers of Suspension to an Assistant Officer in respect of Group C&D staff up to And including pay scale of Rs._____________ Suspension is not a ____________________ Out of minor penalties under D&AR, the lowest penalty shown in Rule 6 is _______ An order passed by an inquiring authority in the course of an enquiry under Rule 9 against which appeal lies. Yes or No The limitation of time for an appeal in D&A Rules, 1968 is _________ days. Should a Government servant require obtaining prior permission to join a chit fund? Yes or NO The inquiring officer is nominated by ________________ in D&A Rules, 1968. _________ days time is to be allowed to the charged employee for submitting his written statement of defense. If the charged official does not appear before the Inquiry officer, the inquiry may be held_________________ The inquiry officer during inquiry has to first examine witnesses of ____________ What is full form of D&AR ?_____________________________________ If on the date of retirement of an employee, he is neither suspended not charge sheet issued to him, then proceedings against him can be instituted only with the approval of _____________________________ The charge sheet on behalf of the President cannot be issued to a retired Railway Employee in respect of offence, which had taken place more than_____ years before issue of charge sheet? Under the Hours of Employment Regulations, the artisan staff working in ELS is Classified as ___________________ What is the qualifying service for a Railway servant to retire from service Voluntarily.___________ Grant of  leave not due in entire service to a Railway Servant is limited to___days. The powers for transfer of Group C&D staff on Inter Railway basis lies with _____ The powers for transfer of Group C&D staff in case of inter divisional transfer Lies with__________ The total deductions including payment to co-operative societies from an employed Person shall not exceed ___________% of such wages. The wage period under the payment wages Act shall not exceed_______________ The over-time allowance is payable in case of beyond roistered hours__________ time of ordinary wages. The full form of the abbreviation  S.O.P. _______________________________ The full form of the abbreviation  ACR _________________________________ Conducting of an inquiry is not necessary for ___________ penalty. The Appellate Authority is __________________ than DA. Minor penalties can be imposed to withhold. 2 sets of passes b) 2 increments for one year c) promotion for one year d) all In case the penalty in a case is adequate, the appellate authority _____________ the penalty imposed by the DA. If the penalty ordered is severe with reference to the nature of misconduct, the Appellate authority can ______________ the penalty imposed by DA. The D&A Rules are not applicable to ______________ staff. The D&A Rules are not applicable to any person who is in _______________ Holding of inquiry is necessary in case the charged employee admitted all the articles of charges framed against him. True or False What is the standard form to be issued to a Railway Servant for imposing minor The inquiry officer should be __________________ in rank to the charged official. What is the Official Language (Raj Bhasha) in Indian Name two incentives for passing departmental exams in Official Language _______ How many languages are included in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution of India? For the purpose of implementation of official language, the Union of India is devided into ___________________ regions. How many windings are available in TFP of WAG9 loco. Out put volatage of aux winding of WAG9 loco is & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & key is used for oerating HOM in WAG9 loco. ________________switch is used to select the panto in working. The rating of traction Motor in WAG9 loco is & & & & & .KW The speed control system used in WAG9 loco is __________________ __________number of subsystems are available in three phase locos. 491.Harmonic filter resistance in WAG9 lcoo is located at _____________ ___________number of main reservoirs are provided in WAP5 loco. ______________positions are there in WAG7 loco. Explain the following related with three phase locos Parking brake in WAG9 loco is arranged is provided in wheel No s_________ ESSAY TYPE QUESTIONS Draw neat power circuit diagram of WAG5 loco with all major components, rating from pantograph to feeding of power to TMS. Explain the purpose of earthling of battery  ve intentionally and the problem of -ve Bonding and How to overcome this problem en-route by driver? Draw the DJ control circuit of WAG5 loco and explain how DJ will hold in HT? Write the procedure for overhauling of TAO659/ Hitachi Traction Motor? Explain the purpose of providing earth fault protection relays in power circuit and also explain how earth fault relay energizes, with a neat diagram, Suggest preventive measure to be taken during normal maintenance schedules to avoid earth faults? Write the charging and discharging procedure to be followed for commissioning of new batteries? Write briefly about all the safety relays, their ratings and how they cause tripping of DJ/VCB in the event of abnormality in loco? Draw the control circuit for tap changer of WAG5 loco to explain how notch-by- notch progression and regression takes place? Draw the power circuit diagram and name parts and ratings of equipments (e.g. TM circuit & Aux. Circuit) for WAG-7 locomotives? Draw the compressor control circuit and explain for WAG7 loco with 3 CPs. Explain the DBR functions and advantages of DBR? Mention the probable reasons for fire on loco/ what are the items to be checked to avoid fire on loco? Draw the control circuit diagram of DJ for locomotive fitted with vacuum circuit breaker. What are the probable reasons for the wheel slip and remedial actions to be taken for avoiding wheel slip? What are the major differences between WAG7 loco and WAP4 loco? What are the advantages of WAP4 loco over WAM4 loco with details of major changes in equipments? What are the major defects arise in TFP and describe briefly the cause and their remedial action? What are the major failure in TM and describe briefly the causes and their remedial action? What are the major improvements done in TAO-659 Traction Motor design? What are the major failures of Auxiliary motors? What is the process for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation to Aux. Motors and it s advantages? What are the advantages of microprocessor based control system of locomotive over the conventional control system? Draw flow chart of the Traction Motor overhauling and what are the various tests to be done after over hauling of TM? What do you mean by the condition monitoring of the equipment? Discuss briefly the various condition monitoring techniques adopted in Electric loco shed? What are the reasons for ICDJ and give remedial measures? What are the reasons for auto regression with LSP and their remedial action? What do you mean by destructive and non-destructive tests? Describe briefly the various destructive and non-destructive tests carried out on Electric Locomotives? Describe the trouble shooting in case of CCPT melting and give five reasons for fuse melting. Describe the trouble shooting when QOP acts on higher notches with QRSI? Draw the flow chart of ARNO overhauling. What are the checks to be done during overhauling of ARNO? Draw the circuit diagram and explain the working principal of loco transformer. Describe the working principal of ARNO with sketch. Describe the tap changer operation and it s working principle. Mention the common defects in working of GR and suggest remedial action. Describe the procedure for over hauling the GR. Name the checks to be made during over hauling and final testing of GR. Name the checks to be done on Tap change during IC schedules. What is the principle of PHGR? Discuss the troubles noticed in PHGR. What is the purpose of provision of oil pump device in PHGR circuit? What are the tests to be conducted on TFP oil and mention the standard values of various parameters? What are the common failures in VCB, ABCB? Explain how auto flasher works in Electric locomotives? In WAG 5 describes the function of the following valves? a) A9 & SA9 brake valve b) C2 (BP & BC) relay valve. Draw the neat diagram of pantograph and indicate its major components. Give the reasons for entanglement of pantograph and explain its remedies. Why Air dryer is provided in locomotives and explain its function and advantages in loco? Suggest the improvement measures to be taken in shed to avoid the pneumatic failures on line? Explain the working of AFI and Airflow measuring valve Explain the working of C3W valve, VAIB valve Airflow measuring valve. Explain briefly about the various schedule maintenance done during IA, IB, IC and their periodicity. Explain briefly about the various schedule maintenance done during AOH & IOH. What are the must check pneumatic items at the time of dispatch? And write their settings. What is the procedure for welding a bogie crack as suggested by RDSO? What is meant by  backlash and what are the permissible values for TM/ wheel matching? Describe the mounting procedure of a suspension Bearings and various clearances to be checked/maintained during mounting? What are the checks being carried out before dismounting the suspension bearing in case of failure? Describe the types of defects experienced on suspension bearing of TAP 659 with remedial actions? What is the discharge rate of a good suspension  bearing pump and explain the working of oil pump along with checks to be done during various schedules? What are the procedures to be adopted to weld wear plates on the Bogies? Explain the main features of Energy cum speed monitoring system and what ate the parameters recorded and reported in this system? Explain the fire preventive measures recommended by RDSO? Explain the working of twin beam headlight with DC-DC converter? What are the types of various bearings used in AC locomotives? Explain the procedure for overhauling & storing precautions to be taken during extraction and mounting? What are the unit Exchange spares and the recommended percentage for maintaining healthy unit exchange spares and explain the steps to be taken for improving healthy Unit Exchange Spares. What are the various types of records being used for maintenance of electrical locos at loco shed? What are the various sections in Electric Loco Shed for carrying out various inspections and repair activities on Electrical locos? Describe the procedure for reporting accidents. What is the procedure for conducting accident enquiries. What is the periodicity of various schedules for freight and coaching locos? What are the purchase powers of officers direct and through tender committee? What are the items defined and capital spare of loco and through which programme such items are to be procured? What are the types of Rolling Stock programme and the process to be followed? What is Rate Contract and Running contract? Explain the differences between these two? Give examples for items being purchased under these contracts. What are the items to be procured under Non-stock and how a Non-stock indent is prepared? What is the limit to process without account vetting? What is meany by proprietary article item and its schedule of powers of indenting officer? What is the A,B,C categorization of stores items? Specify various categories under HOER with periodic rest and duty roster hours applicable to them. Explain the system of rising and lowering of pantograph of AC loco. Explain the method of operation of tap changer. Give the sequence of operation of CGRs. What are the probable reasons for half notch sticking in SMGR? Mention remedial measures. Specify three important items to be checked during maintenance of rectifier cubicles and the major defects occur in RSI duly mentioning the remedial measures. What is primary and secondary suspension? Describe the type of suspension provided in WAG5 locomotive? Explain the primary and secondary suspension in WAP4 loco? What are the remedial measures to be taken to minimize the failures of primary helical springs? What are the items checked while assembling bogie from wheel sets removed from different locomotives? What are the maximum variations permitted in wheel diameters for this assembly? What is root wear and flange wear? What is the maximum permitted wear? What is the function of protective relays QLM, QRSI, QOP, Q-20 QCVAR. How these relays are connected in circuit in WAG5 loco? Describe sequence of closing DJ? What are the probable reasons for DJ tripping during fault conditions? How can they differentiated during trouble shooting? What is sixth notch tripping of DJ? Why does it take place? Explain the action to be taken by driver to overcome this. What are the conditions to be satisfied for energizing Q-50? Draw the relevant circuit diagram. Describe the conditions in which auto regression takes place in WAG5 loco. What are the different signaling lamps provided in WAG5 locomotive? How the status of equipments associated with them is conveyed to driver? What are the advantages of 3  locos over conventional locos. Draw the feeding and traction power circuit of WAG9 loco. What are the special features of 3  locomotives. How many types of brakes are there in 3  locos and explain about each in brief. Explain briefly about re-generative braking in 3  locos. Explain the mechanical features of 3  locos in WAG9 and WAP5. Explain in brief the types of Auxiliary motors provided in 3  locos Explain the concept of Variable voltage and variable frequency used in 3  locos Explain about the cooling concept used in WAG9 loco. Explain the distribution of load when one of the Auxiliary converter is isolated in WAG9 loco. What the various maintenance schedule on 3  locos and its periodicity. Explain about the following Method of changing speed of AC 3  motor over vide range GTO and IGBT in electronics Chopper control Draw the power circuit diagram of EMU/MEMU indicating all the parts with ratings. Explain any ten relays used in EMU/MEMU with purpose, location and setting values. Explain with block diagram the working of EP unit in EMU/MEMU Explain various maintenance schedules and periodicioty in the conventional locos/EMU/MEMU Mention the ratings of major equipments in EMU/MEMU. $&:<>@BFJNXZ`bft|~4@IS]gq{OJPJQJCJ 5>*OJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5 OJPJQJOJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ$5OJPJQJCJ 5OJPJQJCJ 5UOJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ5>*     J L P b d ~ 4=FRYeq}OJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ5>* OJPJQJOJPJQJCJ5>*OJPJQJCJ5>*OJPJQJCJ5>*OJPJQJCJ5>*OJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJOJPJQJ5OJPJQJ5OJPJQJ5OJPJQJ5OJPJQJ5      " * 4 6 < D L f n z HT`gqzOJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ'5H*OJPJQJCJ'5H* OJPJQJOJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJOJPJQJ5OJPJQJ5OJPJQJCJOJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ5OJPJQJCJ'5H*OJPJQJCJ'5H*     : < r t v x ~ 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