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Fill in the blanks1.1.Date of Birth if recorded in a Service Book as 1980 shall be treated as _______ .1.2.Break in Service for participation in a illegal strike, may be condoned by ______.1.3.The maximum period of study leave that can be sanctioned at one time is _____.1.4.The chairman of the SBF committee at the Zonal Headquarters is _____.1.5.Pay of running staff for the purpose of eligibility of Dearness Allowance shall1.6.include ____%.In theRS rules 1993, a minor means a person who has not completed the age of1.7._____.The railway act 1989 came into force on the first day of _____.1.8.The maximum age limit of direct recruitment in Group D / Level 1 for SC/ST1.9.candidate is _____.After retirement on superannuation, a railway employee may be permitted to1.10.retain Railway Quarter on payment of normal license fee for a period of _____ .Weekly roistered hours of a railway employee classified as intensive with P & C1.11.time is _____.The maximum amount of Pension that can be commuted is _____.1.12.70% of DA will be granted if the period of absence is _____.1.13.Tuition Fee Reimbursement / CEA is admissible for a maximum of _____ children.1.14.The maximum amount of continuous leave that a government servant can take is1.15._____.Maternity leave not exceeding _____ days shall be granted during the entire1.16.service, in case of miscarriage on production of medical certificate.Maximum amount of retirement gratuity is _____.1.17.The Railway Service Rules 2008 are effective from _____.1.18.Monthly grant made to a government employee who is not in receipt of pay or1.19.leave salary is _____.A Government employee may give a notice of _____ in writing, to the appropriate1.20.authority to retire from the service voluntarily.Minimum joining time admissible under Railway Service Rules is _____ days.1.21.Extension of joining time can be granted by Head of Department up to a maximumof _____ days. Page 1 of 12 1.22. 1.23. 1.24. 1.25. 1.26. 1.27. 1.28. 1.29. 1.30. 1.31. 1.32. 1.33. 1.34. 1.35. 1.36. 1.37. 1.38. 1.39. 1.40. Final claim for reimbursement of Medical expense for railway employee in respect of a particular spell of illness should ordinarily be submitted within _____. Commuted leave up to _____ days can be granted without medical certificate to a female government employee on adoption of a child. Maximum duration of paternity leave allowed to male government employees is _____ days. All employees are eligible for pension, who join the service on or before _____. Retirement gratuity is admissible to all employees who retire after completion of _____ years. If the payment of Gratuity has been delayed beyond _____ months, from the date of retirement, an interest at the rate of state railway provident fund deposit is to be paid. Commuted portion of pension will be restored on the expiry of _____ years from the date of retirement. Enhanced family pension is admissible for _____ years for the deceased official. Pension is calculated on 50% of _____. _____ is the minimum pension admissible in case of invalidation. _____ is the maximum limit of instalment for recovery of principal amount of HBA. _____ is the maximum amount of withdrawal permissible for Housing purposes from the state Railway Provident Fund. Allowance granted to compensate high cost of living, based on the rise of Price Index is called _____. During LWP , HRA can be drawn in favour of an employee for _____ days. .The surplus staff transferred to a new station involving change of residence may be permitted to retain railway quarters for a maximum period of _______. If a medically decategorised Railway servant cannot be immediately absorbed in any suitable alternative post, he may be kept on a ______________ post of equal grade. A temporary Railway servant is entitled for House Building advance after having put in __________ years of continuous service. ______ Class pass is given to wards of deceased employee when called for screening. In case of engaging substitutes in the category of teachers the powers are delegated to _________ Page 2 of 12 1.41. 1.42. 1.43. 1.44. 1.45. 1.46. 1.47. 1.48. 1.49. 1.50. 1.51. 1.52. 1.53. 1.54. 1.55. 1.56. 1.57. 1.58. 1.59. ACR stands for ______________________. Lien means the _______ of a Railway servant to hold a post to which he has been appointed on regular basis Period of suspension shall be qualifying for increments if _____________ is allowed for such period. Railway employees may be given _____ opportunities in a year to apply in response to notices of Government Departments. The payment made to a Railway servant as remuneration for special work of an occasional or intermittent nature involving extra labour for its performance is called _________. Staff of essentially intermittent category must have a minimum of ______ consecutive hours of rest in a week include a full night. At zonal level, the PNM is held once in __________ Extension of Joining time beyond the limits can be granted up to a maximum limit of _______ days. Conversion of one kind of leave into another shall be considered if received within _______ days. Leave not due is debited against the ________ leave he is likely to earn subsequently. The time spent in journey for PME is treated as _____ . The Official Language Act was passed in _______________ An authority not lower than ___________________ shall impose the penalties of dismissal/Removal/Compulsory retirement. PTO shall be valid for _______ months from the date of issue Breach of Rest allowance is paid to ________ staff when the rest falls short of the prescribed hours of rest as per HOER. An employee dismissed or removed from service is entitled to draw compassionate allowance at the discretion of the ___________ authority. The pension shall not be less than ________ % of the minimum of the scale held by the employee at the time of retirement. Selection for appointment to Group B should be held once in________ years The period of six months for holding suitability test for non-selection post is reckoned from the date of ___________ of the previous suitability test. Page 3 of 12 1.60. Cases of sports persons for recruitment and for out of turn promotion from Group D to C if other wise eligible, but does not possess the minimum educational qualification should be referred to __________. 1.61. Normally currency of the panels issued by RRB shall be for ___ year/s. 1.62. The minimum age limit for recruitment in Railways is ___________. 1.63. The new Pension scheme is effective from ______________. 1.64. ________ form is used for imposition of minor penalty 1.65. Subsistence allowance is equal to leave salary, which the employee would have drawn had he been on _____________________. 1.66. The medical allowance payable to the eligible retired employees is Rs. ________. 1.67. Eligible staff up to _______ times the number of staff to be empanelled will be called for the selection. 1.68. The assessment of vacancies for a selection post will include the existing vacancies and those anticipated during the course of next ________ months. 1.69. The seniority of the candidates recruited through RRB and sent for initial training is to be fixed in the order of __________. 1.70. In case of mutual transfer to a different seniority unit, their seniority is based on the ____________ of the railway servant with whom they have exchanged, which ever of the two may be lower. 1.71. Staff concerned may be allowed to represent about the assignment of their seniority position within a period of ________ after the publishing of the seniority list. 1.72. As a general principle, a regular canteen may be provided where the staff strength is ____. 1.73. The children educational allowance shall be ______ per child per year. 1.74. Wages hall be paid within ______ days of the last day of the wage period in an establishment where less than 1000 are employed. 1.75. In a non-selection post, a senior Railway servant may be passed over only if he has been declared ________ for holding the post in question. Page 4 of 12 2. State True or False 2. 1. Accident free awards are given to all the employees of Railway. 2.2. The marks secured by candidates in written test held by selection/LDCEs, for promotion to Group B posts cannot be disclosed under any circumstances. 2.3. Cabinet Secretary is the chairman of JCM at National Level. 2.4. At the end of one year if the employee again refuses promotion at the outstation, his name may be deleted from the panel. 2.5. Outstanding sports persons can be appointed in intermediary grades with the approval of General Manager. 2.6. All post retirement complimentary passes issued to the eligible Indian Railway personnel would be valid over Konkan Railway. 2.7. In calculating the period of overtime, fraction of an hour less than 30 minutes shall be dropped. 2.8. VIth CPC had recommended for Grant of Education Allowance for disabled children which is 1.5 times the normal rate of Education Allowance 2.9. The PH quota, if not filled will lapse at the end of the recruitment year. 2.10. Upto 30% of pension of any employee may be commuted. 2.11. The lump sum amount received on commutation of pension is taxable under the income tax act 2.12. The prescribed maximum age limit for engagement of Act apprentices for training on Railways, who are ITI passed candidates is 24 years. 2.13. The family of a railway servant who died in service may retain the Railway quarters upto 1 year. 2.14. Deletion of the name from the panel, due to refusal of promotion at outstation at the end of one year of refusal period, shall be automatic and no approval is needed. 2.15. LAP upto 240 days may be granted to a railway employee in one spell. 2.16. In case of temporary transfer , only actual transit time is allowed as for tour for joining. 2.17. Government servants bringing political influence in service matters shall be taken up under D&A Rules 2.18. In case of transfer to station which are more than 20kms apart, full composite transfer grant is allowed provided, a change of residence is actually involved. 2.19. No TA for training at headquarters is allowed. Page 5 of 12 2.20. Holidays can be prefixed to joining time. 2.21. Unavailed joining time is credited in leave account automatically and unconditionally 2.22. A railway employee who is found engaged himself in activities prejudicial to the interest of the security of state can be placed under suspension. 2.23. An official under suspension may be allowed to appear in departmental examination. 2.24. Hostel subsidy for a child is not admissible for whom CEA is drawn. 2.25. If Spouse is in receipt of FMA, the railway employee cannot avail medical facilities under AMA rules for himself and members of his family. 2.26. The spells of extraordinary leave if intervened by another kind of leave shall be treated as one continuous spell , for the purpose of applying maximum limit. 2.27. Leave not due shall be limited to the half pay leave that the government servant is likely to earn subsequently. 2.28. Pension is taxable under the head Income from Salary under the Income Tax Act 2.29. Recovery from retirement gratuity of government dues is permissible without the consent of the employee. 2.30. Right of President is to withhold or withdraw pension or gratuity or both. 2.31. PF Subscription can be reduced twice and/or increased once at any time during the year. 2.32. Both advance and part final withdrawal from PF can be sanctioned for one and the same purpose at the same time. 2.33. Absorption of medically decategorised staff in alternative posts carrying lower grades is contravention of the Disabilities Act. 2.34. Transfer advance can be drawn at the old station or new station 2.35. Where an employee dies in harness leaving behind only the widow, i.e., without any children, appointment of a near relative is permissible 2.36. Casual Labour diverted from one unit to another will retain seniority in the new unit. 2.37. A supernumerary post is a shadow post to which no duties are attached. 2.38. EOL on medical grounds shall be considered as qualifying service for granting increment. 2.39. When the increment is withheld with cumulative effect, the postponement will have effect of postponing future increment also Page 6 of 12 2.40. The application need not be forwarded if the employee is applying for a post which is equivalent in status and rank. 2.41. It is legally permissible to adjust the Government dues against the payments due to the employees/nominees under the Group Insurance scheme. 2.42. The fees received from Railway Staff Benefit Fund Committee is counted for the purpose of payment of 1/3 rd to the Railway revenues. 2.43. The staff who are paid nursing allowance are not entitled to NDA for the duty performed during nights. 2.44. The ex-gratia payment shall not be payable to more than one member of the family at the same time. 2.45. Inquiry is not required to be held in case of DAR proceedings for minor penalty. 2.46. PF amount can be recovered from Subsistence allowance. 2.47. Suspension is a penalty under D&A Rules, 1968. 2.48. Leave encashment payable is linked to DA admissible at the time of retirement. 2.49. In case of death while in service, pension is not admissible. 2.50. Grant of pay higher than initial pay shuld not confer on a Railway servant seniority above those who are already appointed regularly. 2.51. Casual workers who have attained temporary status can be terminated for their misbehavior /misconduct by giving show cause notice and DAR proceedings need not be followed. 2.52. Staff who qualify in GDCE and get posted to a station of their choice are entitled to Transfer Grant. Page 7 of 12 Expand the Following 3.1.NSDL 3.2.CEA 3.3.RELHS 3.4.PREM 3.5.FMA 3.6.IPAS 3.7.UPSC 3.8.RRB 3.9.RRC 3.10. PLB 3.11. COFMOW 3.12. IREM 3.13. DAR 3.14. AVC 3.15. RBE 3.16. CGA 3.17. DOPT 3.18. PPO 3.19. PAO 3.20. DCRG 3.21. SBF 3.22. RDSO 3.23. HBA 3.24. KRCL 3.25. JCM 3.26. PNM 3.27. HOER 3.28. HPCA 3.29. LAP Page 8 of 12 3.30. GDCE 3.31. DCRG 3.32. MACPS 3.33. NAIR 3.34. LARSGESS 3.35. PME 3.36. WCA 3.37. IREC 3.38. ARPAN 3.39. LDCE 3.40. RUID Page 9 of 12 Descriptive Questions Write Short notes on 1.1. MACP 1.2. Annual Confidential Report 1.3. Ex-cadre post 1.4. Forwarding of Applications 1.5. Supernumerary post 1.6. Stepping up of pay 1.7. Fees and Honorarium 1.8. OTA to Running Staff 1.9. Extraordinary Leave 1.10. Productivity Linked Bonus 1.11. Kit Pass 1.12. Substantive Pay 1.13. Commutation of Pension 1.14. Compassionate allowance 1.15. Ad hoc Promotion 1.16. Promotion of staff against whom DAR cases are pending 1.17. Minor Penalty 1.18. Major Penalty 1.19. Superannuation 1.20. Assessment of vacancies 1.21. Inter se Seniority 1.22. Industrial Disputes Act 1.23. Minimum Wages Act 1.24. Anticipated vacancies 1.25. 7th Pay commission Pay Matrix Page 10 of 12 2. Answer the following 2. 1. Explain the various steps to be taken for finding alternative employment to absorb the medically disabled staff. 2.2. What are interest free advances? Explain the conditions of eligibility, maximum amount admissible and recovery of any four such types of advances. 2.3. Who are eligible to be considered for appointment on compassionate grounds? How are the priority of the cases decided? 2.4. What do you mean by Casual Labour? What are the service conditions of Casual Labour after granting temporary status? 2.5. What are the points to be checked before the proposal for creation of additional pots being processed for sanction of the competent authority? 2.6. What is meant by non -practising allowance? What are the principles for reckoning the same for different purposes like fixation on promotion, composite transfer grant and settlement? 2.7. How are staff classified under HOER? What procedure is adopted for change of classification? 2.8. Write in detail about the Permanent Negotiating Machinery on Railways? 2.9. Enumerate the advantages of Trade Unions? 2.10. Explain the procedure for crediting of leave to the account of an employee. What are the provisions regarding maintenance/ verification of Leave Accounts? 2.11. What is RELHS? Who is eligible to join the scheme? What are the benefits under the scheme? 2.12. Explain the different medical classifications under which the non-gazetted staff are divided for appointment in Railway service? Give examples. 2.13. What do you mean by Service Record? What is the procedure to be followed for re-construction of a missing Service Record? 2.14. What is Staff Benefit Fund? Explain in detail the sources of the fund, the committees and the schemes introduced on South Western Railway for disbursement of the funds to the non-gazetted staff. Page 11 of 12 2.15. What are the various incentives for use of Rajabhasha? 2.16. What are different steps taken by Railways to implement Hindi in official work? 2.17. What are different kinds of passes? Explain. 2.18. What are the authorised deductions from the Pay bill of a Railway servant? 2.19. What is qualifying service? What periods are not treated as service for pensionary benefits? 2.20. What is Deposit Linked Insurance scheme? What are the provisions regarding payment of DLI to the beneficiaries in case of death of a subscriber to the fund? 2.21. What are the different modes of recruitment in Railways to a Group C post? 2.22. When can a Railway servant may be placed under suspension? 2.23. What are the important features of the Post Based Rosters? How many types of rosters are there? What are the points to be kept in view while preparing rosters? 2.24. What are the various concessions extended to the employees belonging to SC/ST communities in Railway right from recruitment to superannuation? 2.25. Write about the provisions regarding advance action to be taken to ensure payment of settlement dues on the date of retirement? 2.26. What do you mean by Pension Adalat? What types of grievances are dealt under this Adalat? What are your suggestions for better working of the Pension Adalats? 2.27. Explain the process of filling up of the vacancies in a non-selection post. 2.28. Explain the process of filling up of the vacancies in a selection post from the stage of assessment of vacancies to empanelment. 2.29. What is the significance of a Seniority List? What are the general rules for drawl and circulation of seniority lists 2.30. What are the provisions regarding Health, Safety and Welfare of Workers laid down in Factories Act, 1948? 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