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Railway Act in Hindi

चयन के संदर्भ में प्रभावी दिशा-निर्देश

Pass Manual

Selection for the post of Assistant Engineer (Group-'B') in Pay Band Rs. 9300-34800/-, GP-Rs.4800/- in 6th CPC (Level-8 in 7th CPC) against 70% quota, dated 10.01.2019

Addendum to the guidelines issued for tenure posting in Railway Board/RDSO etc

AEN/Gr.B/70% कोटा के विरूद्ध चयन हेतु पात्र कम्रचारियों का Willingness/Un-willingness उपलब्‍ध कराने के संबंध में, dated 13.12.2018

Filling up the posts in Civil Department of RVNL in various scales of pay in the grade of E-5 to E-7 (IDA pattern) on Deputation/Permanent Absorption Basis in Metro Projects in RVNL.

Filling up the posts in Finance Department of RVNL in various scales of pay in the grade of E-3 to E-4 (IDA pattern) on Permanent Absorption Basis for PIU-Rishikesh in RVNL, dated 12.12.2018

Step by Step Process of CUG Mobile number porting from M/s Bharti Airtel to M/s Reliance Jio-for all unit/user over ECR, dated 11.12.2018

Re-engagement of Retired Railway Gazetted officers in Exigencies of Services

50% कोटे के तहत कार्मिक विभाग के वरिष्‍ठ लिपिकों से कर्मचारी एवं कल्‍याण निरीक्षक ग्रेड पे 4200/- (लेवल-6) पद पर चयन

निर्माण संगठन के कर्मचारियों को कर्मचारी कलयाण निधि से सहायता देने हेतु आवेदन पत्र 

Extension of Application date of Staff Benefit Fund up to 25.01.2019 

Discontinuation of Circulation of hard copies of Orders/Circulars ect, dated 05.12.2018

Filing-up various posts on ex-cadre basis at National Academy of Indian Railway, Vadodara

Selection for the Post of Assistant Engineer (Group-B) in pay Band Rs. 9300-34800/-, GP-Rs. 4800/- in 6th CPC (Level-8 in 7th CPC) against 70% quota.

Application form for Engagement of Technical Manpower on Contract Basis from Open Market for Construction Projects in the Jurisdiction of East Central Railway/Construction Organisation, dated 08.11.18

Engagement of Technical Manpower on Contract Basis from Open Market for Construction Projects in the Jurisdiction of East Central Railway/Construction Organisation, dated 08.11.18

Filling-up of Vacancies in RCT/LGD/SC-Calling up of volunteers.

Inter-se seniority for selection of AEN(Gr.B) against 70% quota

Circulation of latest circulars/policies issued by Railway Board.

Position of trained staff undr "PROJECT SAKSHAM" in Construction organization/ECR/MHX/Patna

Rotation of Non-Gazetted Officials working on sensitive Posts/Work

Position of trained staff under "PROJECT SAKSHAM" in Construction Organization/ECR/MHX, Patna

मील दूरी भत्‍ता

All India Pension Adalat 18.09.2018

Re-engagement of Retired Railway Employees in Construction Organization of East Central Railway

Selection of Investigating Inspector (Vig.)/Civil Engg. In Level 7 in Pay Matrix in the Vigilance Directorate, Railway Board.

Suggestions and innovative ideas to increase Loading, Earning, Train Operations and Overall General Performance - for the month of March, 2018

Territorial Army Annual Training Camp Programme for the year 2018-19 under 969 Rly. Engrs. Regt. TA/JMP

आतंकवाद विरोध दिवस मानने के संबंध में

Periodical Medical Examination

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of AEN(Gr."B") in pay band Rs. 9300-34800(PB-2) Grade Pay Rs. 4800 (Level 8 in 7th CPC) against 30% quota. : NEW Examination date.

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of AEN(Gr."B") in pay band Rs. 9300-34800(PB-2) Grade Pay Rs. 4800 (Level 8 in 7th CPC) against 30% quota. : Postpone of Examination date.

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of AEN(Gr."B") in pay band Rs. 9300-34800(PB-2) Grade Pay Rs. 4800 (Level 8 in 7th CPC) against 30% quota.

Strategic Management Programme to be held at Indian School of Business, Hyerabad

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the post of AEN (Gr. 'B') in pay band Rs. 9300-34800 (PB-2) Grade pay Rs. 4800 (Level 8 in 7th CPC) against 30% quota

Revision of flat rate of license fee (standard Rent) for residential accommodation all Indian Railways w.e.f 01.07.2013 and 01.07.2016-reg.

मुख्‍यालय, पूर्व मध्‍य रेल, हाजीपुर के ग्रुप 'डी' कर्मचारियों से 162/3% LDCE कोटा के अंतर्गत अवर लिपिक वेतनमान रु. 5200-20200+1900 ग्रेड पे (लेवल-2) के पद पर चयन

 Deputation for HAJ-2018

63rd Railway Week Awards, 2018-GM Level

63rd Railway Week Awards, 2018-Railway Board Level

Pre-Selection coaching for SC/ST Candidates in connection with LDCE of AEN (Gr. B) against 30% quota

Modification in Model SOP Note 9 para no.9 of Part 'A' Works Matter

Regarding use of Social Media

Proforma of Children Education Allowanc

Physical Verification of Employees

Digitalization of SRs & APARs 

Reminder of last date for submission of application is 19.01.2019 for Notification of GDCE Quota-2018, 

GAZ Office Order/2019

Office Order No. GAZ/01/2019 Dt. 04.01.2019
Office Order No. GAZ/02/2019 Dt. 04.01.2019

Office Order No. GAZ/03/2019 Dt. 04.01.2019

Office Order No.GAZ/04/2019 Dt.08.01.2019

Office Order No.GAZ/05/2019 Dt.11.01.2019

Office Order No.GAZ/06/2019 Dt.14.01.2019

Office Order No.GAZ/07/2019 Dt.14.01.2019

Office Order No.GAZ/08/2019 Dt.15.01.2019

GAZ Office Order/2018

Office Order No. GAZ/01/2018 Dt. 12.01.2018

Office Order No. GAZ/02/2018 Dt. 12.01.2018

Office Order No. GAZ/03/2018 Dt. 23.01.2018

Office Order No. GAZ/04/2018 Dt. 29.01.2018

Officer Order No.GAZ/05/2018 Dt.01.02.2018

Office Order No. GAZ/06/2018 Dt. 01.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/07/2018 Dt.05.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/08/2018 Dt.05.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/09/2018 Dt.05.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/10/2018 Dt.12.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/11/2018 Dt.13.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/12/2018 Dt.16.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/13/2018 Dt.19.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/14/2018 Dt.20.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/15/2018 Dt.23.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/16/2018 Dt.23.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/17/2018 Dt.27.02.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/18/2018 Dt.01.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/19/2018 Dt.05.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/20/2018 Dt.09.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/21/2018 Dt.09.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/22/2018 Dt.12.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/23/2018 Dt.13.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ|/24/2018 Dt.13.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/25/2018 Dt.21.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/26/2018 Dt.21.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/27/2018 Dt.26.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/28/2018 Dt.26.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/29/2018 Dt.26.03.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/30/2018 Dt.04.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/31/2018 Dt.20.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/32/2018 Dt.20.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/33/2018 Dt.24.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/34/2018 Dt.25.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/35/2018 Dt.25.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/36/2018 Dt.25.04.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/37/2018 Dt.03.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/38/2018 Dt.07.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/39/2018 Dt.10.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/40/2018 Dt.21.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/41/2018 Dt.29.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/42/2018 Dt.29.05.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/43/2018 Dt.01.06.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/44/2018 Dt.04.06.2018

Office Order No.GAZ/45/2018 Dt.05.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/47/2018 Dt.14.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/48/2018 Dt.21.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/49/2018 Dt.22.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/50/2018 Dt.26.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/51/2018 Dt.27.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/52/2018 Dt.27.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/53/2018 Dt.29.06.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/54/2018 Dt.03.07.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/55/2018 Dt.06.07.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/56/2018 Dt.06.07.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/57/2018 Dt.25.07.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/58/2018 Dt.06.08.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/59/2018 Dt.20.08.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/60/2018 Dt.24.08.2018


Office Order No.Gaz/61/2018 Dt.17.09.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/62/2018 Dt.20.09.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/63/2018 Dt.20.09.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/64/2018 Dt.25.09.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/65/2018 Dt.26.09.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/66/2018 Dt.01.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/67/2018 Dt.05.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/68/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/69/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/70/2018 Dt.17.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/71/2018 Dt.24.10.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/72/2018 Dt.01.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/73/2018 Dt.05.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/74/2018 Dt.05.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/75/2018 Dt.06.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/76/2018 Dt.08.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/77/2018 Dt.12.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/78/2018 Dt.16.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/79/2018 Dt.19.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/80/2018 Dt.19.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/81/2018 Dt.22.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/82/2018 Dt.22.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/83/2018 Dt.26.11.2018

Memorandum of New field Unit DHN-2, dated 26.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/84/2018 Dt.26.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/85/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/86/2018 Dt.29.11.2018

W/C Post Creation Memorandum (S&T), dated 03.12.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/87/2018 Dt.05.12.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/88/2018 Dt.11.12.2018

Corrigendum of O/o No. Gaz/80/2018, Dt. 19.11.2018

Office Order No.Gaz/89/2018 Dt.26.12.2018

Non GAZ Office Order/2018

Office Order No. NG/01/2018 Dt. 04.01.2018

Office Order No. NG/02/2018, Dt. 09.01.2018

Office Order No. NG/04/2018, Dt. 10.01.2018

Office Order No. NG/07/2018, Dt. 12.01.2018

Office Order No.08A/2018A Dt.15.01.2018

Office Order No.08/2018 Dt.22.01.2018

Office Order No. NG/09/2018, Dt. 22.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/10/2018 Dt.24.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/11/2018 Dt.24.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/12/2018 Dt.25.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/13/2018 Dt.31.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/14/2018 Dt.02.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/15/2018 Dt.02.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/16/2018 Dt.06.01.2018

Office Order No.NG/17/2018 Dt.06.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/18/2018 Dt.08.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/19/2018 Dt.12.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/20/2018 Dt.12.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/21/2018 Dt.13.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/22/2018 Dt.13.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/23/2018 Dt.14.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/24/2018 Dt.16.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/25/2018 Dt.21.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/26/2018 Dt.21.02.2018

Office Order No.NG/27/2018 Dt.07.03.2018

Office Order No.NG/28/2018 Dt.07.03.2018

Office Order No.NG/29/2018 Dt.12.03.2018

Office Order No. NG/30/2018 to NG/48/2018

Office Order No.NG/49/2018 Dt.18.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/50/2018 Dt.17.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/51/2018 Dt.19.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/52/2018 Dt.20.04.2018

Correction letter of Office Order No.NG/52/2018 Dt.20.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/53/2018 Dt.20.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/54/2018 Dt.25.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/55/2018 Dt.26.04.2018

Office Order No.NG/56/2018 Dt.01.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/57/2018 Dt.02.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/58/2018 Dt.02.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/59/2018 Dt.02.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/60/2018 Dt.04.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/61/2018 Dt.07.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/62/2018 Dt.14.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/63/2018 Dt.14.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/64/2018 Dt.14.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/65/2018 Dt.15.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/66/2018 Dt.15.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/67/2018 Dt.16.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/68/2018 Dt.16.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/69/2018 Dt.17.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/70/2018 Dt.17.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/71/2018 Dt.18.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/72/2018 Dt.22.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/73/2018 Dt.22.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/74/2018 Dt.22.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/75/2018 Dt.23.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/76/2018 Dt.29.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/77/2018 Dt.29.05.2018

Office Order No.NG/78/2018 Dt.31.05.2018

Office Order No. NG/79/2018 Dt.01.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/80/2018 Dt.04.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/81/2018 Dt.06.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/82/2018 Dt.11.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/83/2018 Dt.18.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/84/2018 Dt.20.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/85/2018 Dt.20.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/86/2018 Dt.20.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/87/2018 Dt.25.06.2018

Office Order No. NG/88/2018 Dt.04.07.2018

Office Order No. NG/89/2018 Dt.04.07.2018

Office Order No. NG/90/2018 to NG/121/2018

Office Order No. NG/122/2018 Dt.06.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/123/2018 Dt.06.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/124/2018 Dt.07.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/125/2018 Dt.07.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/126/2018 Dt.07.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/127/2018 Dt.10.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/128/2018 Dt.13.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/129/2018 Dt.13.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/130/2018 Dt.14.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/131/2018 Dt.14.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/132/2018 Dt.17.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/133/2018 Dt.18.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/134/2018 Dt.19.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/134A/2018 Dt.19.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/135/2018 Dt.19.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/136/2018 Dt.24.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/137/2018 Dt.26.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/138/2018 Dt.26.09.2018

Office Order No. NG/139/2018 Dt.05.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/140/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/141/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/142/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/143/2018 Dt.08.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/144/2018 Dt.09.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/145/2018 Dt.10.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/146/2018 Dt.11.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/147/2018 Dt.12.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/148/2018 Dt.12.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/149/2018 Dt.16.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/150/2018 Dt.17.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/151/2018 Dt.23.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/152/2018 Dt.29.10.2018

Office Order No. NG/153/2018 Dt.02.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/154/2018 Dt.05.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/155/2018 Dt.02.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/156/2018 Dt.05.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/157/2018 Dt.08.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/158/2018 Dt.16.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/159/2018 Dt.19.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/160/2018 Dt.19.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/161/2018 Dt.22.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/162/2018 Dt.26.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/163/2018 Dt.26.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/164/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/165/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/166/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/167/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/168/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/169/2018 Dt.28.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/170/2018 Dt.29.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/171/2018 Dt.30.11.2018

Office Order No. NG/172/2018 Dt.03.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/173/2018 Dt.03.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/174/2018 Dt.03.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/175/2018 Dt.03.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/176/2018 Dt.04.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/177/2018 Dt.04.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/178/2018 Dt.05.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/179/2018 Dt.05.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/180/2018 Dt.05.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/181/2018 Dt.10.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/182/2018 Dt.10.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/183/2018 Dt.11.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/184/2018 Dt.14.12.2018

Office Order No. NG/185/2018 to NG/189/2018

Office Order No. NG/191/2018 Dt.27.12.2018

20% LDCE कोटे के अंतर्गत कार्यालय अधीक्षक का चयन हेतु अधिसूचना

निर्माण संगठन के कर्मचारियों को कर्मचारी कल्‍याण निधि से सहायता

Modified Para of Policy for allotment of Railway Quarters to Officers of ECR HQs.

Rotation of Non-Gazetted Officials working on Sensitive Post

Pre-selection coaching for SC/ST Candidate in connection with LDCE of AEN(Gr.B) against 30% quota

Pre-selection coaching for SC/ST Candidate in connection with LDCE of AEN(Gr.B) against 30% quota, dated 21.12.2017

Instructions on Biometric Machine (i)

Instructions on Biometric Machine (ii)

Instructions on Biometric Machine (iii)

Instructions on Biometric Machine (iv)

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

Instruction on Biometric Machine

Instructions on Biometric Machine

पूर्व मध्‍य रेल मुख्‍यालय में पदस्‍थापित अधिकारियों के लिए दीघा घाट, पटना में आवास आवंटन हेतु आवेदन आमंत्रित  करने के संबंध में 

पटना/हाजीपुर में अराजपत्रि‍ति कर्मचारि‍यो का लीज आवास का अवधि विस्‍तार तथा हाजीपुर में रेल आवास आवंटन के संबंध में 

70% कोटा के तहत वेतन निर्धारण (छठा वेतन आयोग के अनुसार वेतन बैंड रु. 9300-34800/- (पीबी-2) ग्रेड वेतन - 4800) के लेवल-8 में सहायक कार्मिक अधिकारी (ग्रुप-'बी') पद हेतु चयन

7th CPC Circular

7th CPC Circular Pt.II

7th CPC Circular Pt.III

Pay Fixation Option Form of 7th CPC

Pay Fixation Option Form of 7th CPC

Declaration/Return Related with Lokpal

Declaration/Return Related with Lokpal

Declaration/Return Related with Lokpal

Declaration/Return Related with Lokpal

Declaration/Return Related with Lokpal

62nd Railway Week Award, 2017-Railway Board's level. 

Newly Created field Units Singrauli & Hajipur-III 

Correction letter regarding Newly Created fields Units Singrauli & Hajipur-III 

Newly Created field Unit Sitamarhi      

निर्माण संगठन के कार्मिक विभाग द्वारा जारी पदस्‍थापना/स्‍थानांतरण/पदोन्‍नति संबंधी आदेश की सूची को अधिकृत वेबसाइट पर अपलोडिंग  

Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) हेतु बरती जाने वाली सावधानियॉं एवं मानक प्रारूप वाले आवेदन के उपयोग   

Joint Procedure Order for Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners 

Expenditure Management – Economy Measures and Rationalization of Expenditure

Newly Created Field Unit Dy.CE/Con/Hajipur-III

Newly Created Field Unit Dy.CEE/Con/SPJ

Newly Created Field Unit Dy.CE/Con/NKE

Newly Created Field Unit of Dy.CSTE/Con/DHN

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for the Post of AEE (Gr.'B') in Pay Bard Rs.9300-34800 (PB-2) 

GP Rs. 4800/- (Level 8 in the 7th CPC) against 30% Quota. 

Newly Created Field Unit Dy.CE/Con/Bettiah

Source : East Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-01-2019  

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